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Thread: Zeroing High

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    Zeroing High

    With TJ a couple of weeks ago when he was zeroing his rifle, he reminded me how many people zero a couple of inches high. Personally, like him, I prefer to have it spot on at 100 yards/Metres. Shooting Roe in or near woodland, I'm not doing any long range stuff anyway so I'm happy with that - - what's the general opinions out there ? What are the pros and cons ?


    PS - - to pre-empt the comedians out there - - I wonder how long before someone responds by saying "that extra two inches make all the difference !"

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    I zero bang on at 150yds. To be honest, its pretty much smack on at 100yds too. i think you can argue to pros and cons until the cows come home, but as im slightly anal, i like to know where my rifles POA and POI meet. I think the whole inch high at 100 is completely acceptable but would start querying anything more than 1''.

    Happy New year JR!

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    I have access to a 100 yard club range so this is what I zero at, zeroing an inch or two high I am sure suits many people and I don't think that there is a "right or wrong" answer to this. I just prefer to have some reference point that I know is accurate. atb Tim

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    1 inch high at a hundred gives me confidence from 30m to 200m but i don't go that far often.

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    I am zeroed 1" high at 100m and with the cheap ammo I use, my ballistic calculator shows that an inch high at 100m is in effect zeroed for 150m. Well that's how it works on paper anyway!
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    I personally set my rifle to shoot 1" high at 100 yds as this gives me the option to shoot out to 200 yds and still be in the vital kill zone. I can understand people setting up to shoot 1.5" & 2" high at 100 yds as its often easier and more cost effective than trying to zero exactly at say 200 yds, but if you are going to be regularly shooting at these ranges you should well practiced and have the correct scopes,ammo etc to do so as its only fair on your intended quarry .

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    personally i have mine set to dead on at 100 yards, i do however shoot out to and past 200 yards regular but just raise my aim by 1 11/2. works for me and thats what matters, if it works for you at an inch high or two at 100 yards then fine. a little practice of your shots will prevent the element of doubt slipping in.

    good hunting


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    most woodland deer are shot within 100 yards , you cant see further , so bang on at 100 would do then learn how much to hold over for 200 yards as you dont realy need to shoot past that . Funny thing is how many folk zero 1 inch high at 100 yards and its bang on at 200 , regaurdless of caliber or bullet weight

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    Mine are set up bang on at a hundred, drop at two hundred isn't much after two I use the mil dots

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    I'm in the 1" high club!!

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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