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Thread: Shotgun barrel fouling

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    Shotgun barrel fouling

    Anyone got any good tips for removing fouling in shotgun barrels?

    I use a tico tool (furry thing on a stick) for rapid cleaning during the season between shoots, but it doesn't clear the fouling caused by wads and was just wondering if there is an easy way to deal with this other than a scrub with a phosphor bronze brush and solvent?



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    Oddly I just did this to my own gun

    Clean normally to get most of the black stuff out

    Soak with Hoppes Benchrest and leave for about an hour

    Scrub with old phosphor bronze and patch out

    worked a treat for mine and it was fairly badly leaded up


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    Thanks I'll give it a try!

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    I used to stick the brush in a cheap battery drill and clean in conjunction with foam cleaner

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    wrap some 0000 wire wool around your phosphor bronze brush, should polish things up nicely

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    Fill both barrels with boiling water. Then patch out. Regards JCS

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    I am with danpd it fairly cleans them.

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    To get lead or plastic fouling out of a shotgun barrel buy a, Lewis lead remover kit from Brownells
    My slug gun gets a lot of leading in the barrel. The Lewis lead remover is the only thing to use.

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