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Thread: Wanted Mauser K98 8x57--9;3x62.

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    Wanted Mauser K98 8x57--9;3x62.

    Hello . Anyone got an old Mauser K 98 rifle they don't want or use in 8x57js or a 9.3 cal Any conditon will be fine. It's for tracking so ideally needs to be a carbine. Please post a PM thanks.

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    Try Joe Beatham at Gunshop East Barnet. He has a Nazi 1937 Mauser Werke made, for Portuguese Contract, 98K in 8x57JS.

    These were rifles that were IDENTICAL to the German Army 98K supplied under contract to Portugal in 1937.

    The only distinguishing feature between them and a Wehrmacht 98K is that they have a Portuguese crest on the receivey...yet everywhere else they have Eagle and Swastika Nazi Proof Marks.

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    GoOgle ammo zone and follow the link to there rifle Page have loads of k98. Personally I'd go for a drilling (12g with.308 underneath) in reality not sure a 8mm will give you anything over a .308 for finishing deer off.
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