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Thread: point of aim

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    point of aim

    Hi All,

    If my rifle is zeroed at 100 yards how will this affect the shooting test on the dcs1 course when you have to shoot at 40 and 70 yards? replies would be most helpful

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    you will be fine just aim centre of target .you are given tolerance

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    what calibre and ammo?
    unlikely to be much more than an inch above and below point of aim depending on the height of your scope mounts

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    As td says, just aim at the kill area.

    I did a pre dsc1 course a few months back. We used a 6.5x55 which was zeroed to 100 yards and had no problems at 40 or 70 by doing this.

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    I think you have asked a fair question regarding your rifle and would tend to agree with the above answers you have had, but i will ask you a question have you never fired your rifle at anything below 100yds before? if not then I would suggest you get to know your rifle/ammo combination so that no matter what situation arises you will know where to aim! practice and learn, its time well spent.

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    Definitely +1 on ubique's post.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    thats great, will get some extra prctice in outdoors later this week and next thanks for the replies most helpful everyone

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    for the test, aim where you want the bullet to go, no corrections or faffing about because any good shot wil be well inside the target area on the deer target.

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    if i remember correctly the target area for the dsc1 coarse is 4 inches or 100mm so just point and pull the trigger at all 3 distances .
    best of luck and enjoy it .

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    thanks for that, wil do, just wish it was sooner time seams to be dragging although its only about eight weeks away

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