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Thread: Need a New Reloading Powder, Any help Please

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    Need a New Reloading Powder, Any help Please

    Right I have a 257 Weatherby Mag and it has shot very well with 75gr & 120gr bullets with Hogdens H1000. But I ran Norman Clarks up over the week end To see if he had some in stock.

    Answer was yes one tube, but it was going to be discontinued as it was a less popular powder.

    Dose any one have any good loads with Reloader or Viht. powder

    Cheers Andrew

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    Andrew. Viht N-165 & Reloader 22 are listed for both these bullet weights in the Hornady manual. Not sure how to get this data online for you. Reloader 25 is also listed for some of the heavier bullets in your calibre. Good luck. JCS

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    H4350 was a powder made by god for that calibre
    Put the cartridge in here and it will show you what's good for it.
    Cartridge Loads - Hodgdon Reloading Data Center -

    75 GR. HDY V-MAX Hodgdon H4350 . 65.0gr 3715 43,100 CUP 70.0g 3905 51,800 CUP

    120 GR. SFT SP Hodgdon H4350 . 56.0gr 3000 44,400 CUP 60.0gr 3189 51,800 CUP
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    Discontinuing H1000 ???!!!

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