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Thread: iphone 4 s

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    iphone 4 s

    just got the above phone.......what do you think of yours?

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    Very good, the girlfriend has just updated her iphone4 with the new os5 software as well, so we can do FaceTime calls instead of texting or just ringing. Very good indeed!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    I want one! Look so good.
    Anyone selling one?

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    Brilliant wouldnt be without my iPhone and the 4s is great.

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    It's the mutts nuts

    iCloud is amazing but then again I'm a bit of an Apple convert, I got so fed. Up with PC's, faults, crashing, virus's etc I bought a mac book and would never get anything else.

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    Yep I love it as does she have some fun talking to Siri and getting funny answers, camera is good to I recorded my goldie and springer beating the other day and it was ever so good in hd best phone I have ever had also lover our ipads2 and ipods would never be without them

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    Word of warning! If you have had an iphone 3 before you will know the screen is pretty-much scratch-proof. Not on the 4! The wife upgraded jst before Christmas and the screen has scratched quite a bit already. Apparently the screen is better for display and touch-control but is obviously less tough (which they don't mention, surprisingly!).

    So, get a screen protector!

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    anyone who damages the screen dont be fooled into shelling out 100 to get it replaced by some spotty oik,
    they are so easy to replace and you can by them for pennies (10-20)

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    bought my son an i pad . my daughter an i pod . the wife got me an i phone . and i got her an iron .
    she was'nt overjoyed even after i explained that it can be intergrated with the iwash . iclean . icook . network
    this activated the iNag software update which totyally wiped out the iShag function .

    sorry as not in jokes and funnies but couldent resist . regards pete .

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    cracking joke there pete, whoever sent you that must be a real intelligent chap with an amazing sense of humour and the uncanny ability to find a fox wherever he goes ;-)

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