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Thread: My New Dug

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    My New Dug

    Well after resisting tempation for a number of years I finally decided to get a mutt.

    And he is not bad so far for a mongrel. If only he would stop screaming the house down when left on his own. Trying everything and I will get there eventually. He was out for a wander with me today and was spot on never took the lead out of my pocket. (the collar is for wifes sake, i bought a slip lead but she prefers collar and lead). Lets hope he lives up to expectations and my limited training experience does not hold us both back.

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    Colin that is a bonny dog and hope you get what you want from him with regards leaving him just ignore him and make sure you never go back to him while he is whining mate or he will have won when he quiet go and let let him out he will realise that when he makes a noise he gets left but when he is silent you will let him out.
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    try leaving a radio on in the room with hi, out of reach of course.

    good luck with the dog,

    I have been training my lab bitch on deer for about four months now.
    Although going well with tracking i have yet to take her stalking with me as its mostly done overnight and when i am working. will wait for long days to come and bingo we will get there.


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    A nice dog colin, wish you all the best.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    nice little dug mate why you call he a mongrel is he crossed up he look like spaniel to me
    nice colour to him hope he do you proud

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    Lovely pup, where did you get him from?

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