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Thread: Hello Guys

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    Hello Guys

    Hello everyone!

    Looking forward to another shooting season?

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    Very short intro that tells us very little about yourself, please read the site rules.

    Thank you

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    Sorry all, I have a BSA ultrashot 177 with essential scope, also a BSA R-10 tactical ---great tool!
    Mainly target shooting not quiet confident yet for hunting.
    Looking to join a forum and this looked great!

    Hope that's better!

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    Welcome to the site, I am not really sure what you are doing on here, it is a stalking site and you are an air rifle shooter, then you offer to get air guns at good prices, Malcolm hopes it is not advertising, I suspect it is, so pack it in. You either joing this site because you are a staker or intend to become a stalker not to advertise, iof you wish to do that I suggest you go elsewhere.

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