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Thread: Hannoverian/Bavarian puppys ready for Christmas

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    Hannoverian/Bavarian puppys ready for Christmas

    Blatant advert alert

    The vet confirmed today Lola will have approx 6 puppies at the end of the month. If anyone is interested give me a PM.


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    Mark! Dogs are not just for Christmas, they are for deer stalking!

    Can you please tell that tart of a dog of yours to keep her knickers on until I can make room for more dogs please!!!

    At least we will get more pictures of puppies!

    "Can I have a puppy George? I'll love em and I'll pet em".......

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    Here's a pic of Eva the dam (or more appropriatly the Dammed) in the foreground.He is a full pedigree Hannoverian.

    As you can see they are much broader and heavier than the Bavarian but very steady and loyal.Should be ideal for all those people who like a little wild boar stalking on the side. Also very good round kids.


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    I'm with Beowulf, I'd like a puppy please. I'll love him, and squeeze him and call him George.

    At the very least we'll definitely need lots of pictures after the puppies come. Judging by their parents, they'll be beautiful dogs.

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    Lola still working just a little slower. Nice pricket from this morning (no I didnt shoot it in the front garden).


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    We had a small litter but thats to be expected. Two dogs and a bitch


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    YAY, puppies!

    Lots of fun pictures for weeks to come.


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    PPPPP.....PUPPY POWER! By the time they grow up and have puppies, I will be able to have another dog!

    Mark, can we name them like on 'Blue Peter'? We could have a competition! The two boys could be Bismark and Tirpitz and the girlie could be Graf Spee. Good Warship names! You can't go wrong with warship names! I'd feel really stupid shouting at them in the park though!
    Yamamoto, Iron Duke, York Town, sit! walkies!!

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    Three wild ferocious boar hunting hounds ready for fresh blood


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