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Thread: Hannoverian or Bavarian

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    Hannoverian or Bavarian

    Hi fellas.

    Just reading a little about deer dogs and would like to ask a quicky.

    Are Hannoverian and Bavarian seperate breeds?

    if so what pros and cons does each breed have?

    thanks for any help

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    Hannoverian or Bavarians

    Hi steveOh,
    I have to firstly declare an interest in that I am secretary of the Bavarian Mountain Hound Society. The Bavarian and Hannoverian are separate breeds but basically do the same job. Hannoverians are taller and heavier, unfortunately they are not a KC recognised breed in the UK. Bavarians are now a recognised breed and members of the Society should breed to the club ethic of only breeding from stock that has been hip tested.
    Puppies of both breeds are in short supply.
    For more information about the breed see:

    Any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

    The Bavarians were also in Shooting Times this week, so see other comments there.

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    paint and pins has said it all. I think you might have the brother or sister to my dog. Where did you get your dog from ?

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    Mix the two together and get the best of both worlds

    Or the worst


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    ALFIE. bred by Mark H you can see the resembalance

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    C'mon Andy.. Marks ears are much smaller....

    thanks for the replies folks.....

    I've taken it all on board.....

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    how is alfie coming along?
    so glad you are free to answer any such questions, impartialy
    as the bavarian must now almost be 100 years old
    what percentage would you say it's make up is of hanoverian strain?
    over the last 12 months, quite a few bavarian owners has commented on how much better thier dogs are over a hanoverian
    since thier dogs actually derived from probaly 50/50 breeding in generations past
    but i will say it is a remarkable acheivement to get the bavarian reconised on it's own status within the KC

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    Hi Stone

    The Bavarian was bread by "crossing" dare I say it a Hannoverian Schweisshund with a Tiroler Bracke, in approx 1833 it became a breed. the Hannoverian predates that by about 100 years.

    The Tiroler is a lighter air scenting hound.


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    I see that a lot of people have a Hanoverian/Bavarian cross rather than a Bavarian.

    Is there any benefit to having a cross ?

    I'm looking to get a Hound pretty soon and would like some impartial advice please...

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    Hi Steve

    Speaking impartially your choice will be subjective.
    If you want to use your hound for tracking there is no difference between the types whatever people say in the UK. We are not tracking wounded wild boar following a driven hunt.
    Most advice is the UK is based on anecdotal evidence rather than fact based knowledge of the breeding liniage or working traditions on any of these hounds. A lot of the good text books /articles are writen in German
    I have had experience with all three hounds both here and in Germany, the owners training will have more bearing on the hounds abilities than the canine genetics. Remember these are all HOUNDS and behave in a hound like manner. Ie nose down and sod off to the rest of you
    The Hannoverians are much heavier and broader dog than the Bavarians.
    If you want to breed puppies than a pure breed means you can charge a premium and join a breeders club, but the tracking wont improve relative to the price you pay
    The bottom line is which type appeals to you aesthetically and domestically and does pedigree/price matter to you.


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