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Thread: 4x4 tractor for sale

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    4x4 tractor for sale

    Bit of a long shot trying to sell a tractor on here perhaps, but here goes:

    Ford 4610 4wd with Quicke power loader and muck fork.
    Reg: B218 XVX
    Tatty but reliable. Low hours for age, but not sure exactly how low as the clock stopped a few years ago!
    Ideal all-round workhorse for smallholding or small farm, or make good yard tractor on big farm.

    Needs a few small repairs, which I'll get done before I part with it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Price is 4,000
    No VAT

    Obviously any delivery costs would be extra (and might have VAT on them), unless of course you're just around the corner, in which case I could drive it over!

    Still using it at the moment, as my replacement tractor hasn't arrived yet (might be here today, or next Monday). As soon as the new one gets here I'll take the 4610 to local agricultural engineer to have a few bits of work done on it.
    Only reason I'm changing it is because I need something a bit bigger now.

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    is it still for sale?

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    Yes, still for sale. My replacement tractor only arrived a couple of days ago, so I've still been using the 4610 up 'til now, so couldn't part with it. It's now with the mechanic, and will be available for purchase as soon as it gets back from there.
    A few folk interested, including someone from your neck of the woods, Ali. (Unless you're the same person who enquired on another forum?)

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    Ruthin farmers auction have a sale coming soon, I think its the 11th February saturday morning ,If you dont have any luck selling privately, I am more than sure the lads will sort the auction of it for you.

    I will also be these, got a few bits that need to go

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    I have used these for years, top gonnards !

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    Quote Originally Posted by munsterlander View Post
    I have used these for years, top gonnards !
    Yes, it's a damned good little tractor. Still not convinced I'm doing the right thing changing it. It's the age old dilemma, same with cars. Do you replace something while it's still got residual value, or do you keep on and on and on running something until eventually it comes to the end of it's life, and you find yourself forced to change it?
    I decided on the former course of action, and so it's leaving here with a good few years life left in it. I hope it does someone else as well as it's done me. Will feel a touch of regret when it goes, but at least I've got a new tonka toy to play with!

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    Nope havent seen her on another forum. I am offshore till begining of March so will keep an eye and see if she is still her when I get home

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