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Thread: hawk endurance 30 scope 3-12x50

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    hawk endurance 30 scope 3-12x50

    hi there i would like to know if any members have used this scope and what your thoughts are of it.reason i ask is for a friend who,s considering buying one for his 223.he,s looking for a scope around the 250 -300 mark mainly for targets up to 400 yrds and foxing.would he need a higher mag for this distance or would this scope be suitable.i cant advise him as i havent used such a scope so hope to get some knowledge from you guys .

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    A mate of mine has just bought a 17hmr with one fitted.
    Put a couple of rounds through it on saturday, the scope seemed ok didnt really get any time with it as a misfire jammed a round in the barrel.
    He is going to bring it down on saturday so will have a look and let you know if it is ok.
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    sadly i thought that hawk had got it a bit better with the endurance scopes,

    still carp, sadly they all lack good glass in all their scope ranges,and the price of the so called top stuff is way to much for furred up bog roll tubes.

    save a bit longer and get a proper scope,

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    Agree with Bob, much better out there for the money.
    As for the 3-12 bit, yes it will do the job out to 400 yards on fox, if it's decent glass.


    PS: I'm going to list a Nikon Monarch in 2.5-10x42 that will do the job, will be around 250, just need to take some pics.

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    I have a Hawke scope on my .223, it has been there for 5 years and I have had no issue with it. I also have an S&B on my .308 and, whilst there is an obvious difference in quality of glass and build, the Hawke didnt cost me a grand.
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    I have a 30mm Hawke illuminated on my .22.

    it is excellent for 50 -60 yds, illuminated as well just the ticket for short range shots, ( I got that one by default rather than looking for one as I wouldn't normally give one house room) it is perfect for the rifle and very very accurate short range, if you are going to use the scope for longer range stuff I would opt for a better quality scope as you will be looking to change it again after a while, the glass is ok but there are better scopes out there if you keep looking, save your pennies up and get a secondhand one, you take a chance but it is worth getting good glass especially for the longer shot.

    Good luck

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    My own experience with Hawke scopes in limited to one example but that one bit of experience has made me very suspicious of them and their quality, or rather should I say lack of quality , I brought a variable illuminated one and to say it was a real piece of junk is being nice about it. I also at the same time brought a Chinese Tasco illuminated 3-0x40E as I wanted to try the illuminated reticle out. Both were total crap. Luckily I was able to sell them for use on air guns by folks who didn't know what a reasonable scope should be and it seems had been brainwashed by the shooting media to think they had brought good scopes . They sold for a lot less than I paid for them and neither wanted to know they were crappy scopes ................................ seems you can't help some people.

    Looking at the Hawke stand as the Shooting show it became clear that this was their target market and how they can sleep at night asking the prices for their rubbish is beyond me.

    The search for a reasonable priced scope which is not so poorly made that bits wobble and adjustments feel like mush continues and in this search I tried a Nikko Sterling 4.5-14x50AO Gold Crown that too went down the raod for a loss after trying it out and even returning it to the importers as faulty only to be told that a fast focus eye piece should wobble up/down and side to side and allow split groups on target when fitted to a .308. It was ok on a rimfire if you jammed the eye piece into teh tube with a thump from the heel of the hand. The field of view on these cheap scopes was also a limiting factor I found. Trying to shoot rabbits that hopped towards you or away meant constantly refocusing due tot eh very poor field of view. After a couple of months of trying it it had to go.

    The Simmons Aetec Master Series has nice optics but the Chines build quality is suspect, yes I tried this one too and after failign to be able to zero a newly acquired used rifle swopped the scope and voila it zeroed.. The brand new scope was faulty. it replacement proved to e faulty too but with a different issue to was returned as well. The Simmon Pro Hunter Master Series is not optically as nice to my eyes but it has not developed the issues of the dearer Aetec .................................... as yet even if the adjustment scale trasfer/sticker did come off the windage and blow away to be lost on the field .

    Which is why I now hunt out older used scopes of known manufacture like the Lisenfeld scopes, Tasco Titan, or the old Simmon Competition models if I can find they at a decent price. At least they are either Japanese of European make and not subject to dubious Chinese quality control.

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    The Hawke is an ok scope for its target market, which I see as being rimmies and airguns but they might disagree. It will not work well in low light conditions. We were trying one on Sunday night against a Meopta. I was able to see perfectly with the Meopta and the Hawke was a blur. It will work fine if you are using it during the day or if your lamping.

    When it came to spending my money I went for secondhand Leupolds and a Meopta. All available about the 400 mark and much better quality glass. Yes there is better but money being tight gotta buy the best you can. We have had no problems with zeroing.
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    thanks for all the advise on this scope my friend is very i said i could not of advised him on the scope for is 223 ,i have never used one im rather happy with my simmons whitetail for fox that i get in the 100-150 yrd freind is keen on a scope out to 3-400 as he finds it hard to get fox in closer than 2-300 yrd mark where he shoots.once again thank you lads.

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    I think your Simmons is superior to the Hawke but I have never seen an Endurance model but going by their others I would not expect much to be honest except a lighter wallet or bank account.

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