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Thread: Urban foxes

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    Urban foxes

    Sittin watching tv and the girlfriend comes running in from taking the dog a walk shaking. So I asked her what was up and in between hyperventilating and telling me that a vixen and two cubs (or a big red fox thing and 2 wee things in her words) have come out and watched her walking the dog. So mibi telling her that they probly wanted to eat the dog wasn't a great idea it's is a Lhasa apso secretly hoping they had eating it. I have seen more deer and heard about more foxes round about her house in the last 2 days than any my plan stalks lol but shows these urban foxes aint scared.

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    swap the dog for a bull x greyhound

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    Ha ha can't see that happening she would swap me before that mut.

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    swap her and her dog for 2 bull x greyhounds

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    Well there's a thought

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    davidm my wife loves he APSO,S i am just waiting for RIA making them disappear lol them foxes are a pest but you got to admire them. This one still comes for the left overs i throw out.

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    Yeah a dnt mind them wish ad seen the vixen and cubs just sitten there watching would a made a good picture. Aw this things a wee yelping pain in the arse

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    Pretty wee things in good condition shame they are such a pest.


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    if it was just their bold demeanour that was the pest I wouldnt have a problem.
    The fact that I need to patrol my back garden for the liquid landmines they leave every night is beginning to grate on me.

    on fences, kids footballs, one found a garden glove and shat on that, on the deck, the door step, the wall, UP the shed door FFS!!

    they dont like 40gn of Eley's finest parting their eyebrows though!

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    I was standing on one of the drives at our pheasant shoot on Saturday, a nice secluded marshy valley, and Charlie wandered out of the bushes a little way off and wandered up towards me. He got to about 10 yards from me, stood there looking straight at me as if to say "They said no ground game, so what are you gonna do about it?" and then sauntered off, cool as a cucumber down the valley - the wild ones aren't to nervy either!

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