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Thread: Forest of Dean.

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    Forest of Dean.

    The mrs and I are having a weekend away before the lambing starts! Weve booked a cottage in Lydney in the forest of Dean. Partly becasue we are visitng relatives and my alterior motive- Im hoping to photograph and film some wild boar. Anyone got any tips as to where in particular to go?! or is it a case of just head off and see them, or not as the case may be!?

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    The place is full of the i know the head ranger they and they have even rooting up his garden thre wide spread through and are in numbers so keep your eyes open

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    A couple of months back there was a sounder coming out onto the road near Speech house hotel which is in the middle of the forest near the crematorium!
    That was mid day after i had been to a funeral.....
    A quiet walk on the sculpture trail nearby may get you lucky dawn or dusk....

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    Yes there's a fair bit of activity in the Speech house area, if you go from Speech house towards boys grave you'll see plenty of sign by the side of the road.

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    Judging from the pictures that people are posting of boar "encounters", anywhere there are people would be an easy starting point. So many being fed now by well-meaning types.

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    Had an enjoyable stay at the forest of dean. Didnt see any boar! Although plenty of digging. I noticed the forestry commission signs Warning of "The FERAL wild boar". Why the use of Feral? What is the definition of Feral? If it is to mean they are wild, wouldnt the term Wild Boar cover this?! Interesting.

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    Pretty sure they aren't really wild, but escaped farmed boar that were crossed with domestic pigs.

    Feral Wild Boar in the Forest of Dean

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    Wild boar have been interbreeding with domestic pigs in the Forest of Dean and Herefordshire for few years I know of.
    Outdoor pig units were (are?) prone to a few nocturnal visits from wild boar.

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