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Thread: T8 nylon spacer

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    T8 nylon spacer

    Can you buy different spacers to fit the t8 mods

    When I unscrew my T8 to remove It from the barrel the spacer at the bottom Is such a snug fit that It sometimes stays on the barrel

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    DC5, It shouldn't be that tight, get someone to reem it out a bit or run a piece of dowel with some sand paper around it through the centre a few times.
    You can buy spare delrin bushes from Jacksons, I had a few to use when using the T8 on different rifles that had different barrel profiles.

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    I lost my original delrin for my T8, jacksons supplied two in a couple of days, they have excellent customer service, I would suggest you have a engineer or gunsmith measure the barrel size where the the washer is to be placed and get it measured exactly not to touch the barrel, my ones slide off with ease, hence original lost.

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    Cheers guys, I`ll phone jacksons In the morning.

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