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Thread: Lost the plot?

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    Lost the plot?

    I got called out today to a injured deer(muntjac) she just lay head up but eyes closed by the road,i already had a large implement ready in my hand to put her out of her misery but she responded 2 the fact i was there.No signs of obvious injury apart from gash across the back of the neck and legs were intact.

    I HAVE JUST BEEN IN THE CHICKEN SHED WITH HER GIVING HER MORE GLUCOSE!(its now 12.40 and i have 2 stalkers for muntjac coming in a few hours)

    I feel that the outcome will be dissapointing but i will have tried and i have respect for my quarry.

    ps cant say i have ever watered a mature muntjac before but the teeth are amazingly sharp
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    what you going to do with it ? you cant release it

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    why not? i would just put it back where i found her,especially as she is lactating

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    Quote Originally Posted by muntjacstalker View Post
    why not? i would just put it back where i found her,especially as she is lactating
    as the law stands (open to being corrected) its illigal to re-release a non indiginous species into the wild !

    but as you have broardcast on a open public forum your possible intentions , i would keep your plans for this deer to your self !

    just my opinion

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    I beleive you will find it was also ilegal to move the animal in the first place although IMHO you have done what is moraly right. Not sure It is what I would have done though.


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    I think i ,ll take the chance on this public forum,don't put any dope in my cake when i,m in clink, just extra jam will be fine.
    Just my opinion

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    As part of my university course we looked at non-native species.

    Please look at page 47 of the pdf from defra that can be found using the link below, it states if you want to release a Muntjac deer back into the wild you need to apply for a licence, otherwise it has to be kept in secure accomodation until it dies.


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    Vegetarian is an old Native American word meaning Bad Hunter

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    Good job i did not mention the coypu,grey squirrel and mink i rescued today then!!!

    Must go ,can see blue lights on the horizon

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    mind you , if you did keep it in a secure inviroment like a fenced in wooded back yard it would be a hell of an asset for deer dog training ?

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    lol,night mate,got to be up in a wee while,thanks for the banter

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