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Thread: Re- Blue Barrels

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    Re- Blue Barrels

    hi looking for a CHEAP and DIY way of re-bluing my shotgun barrels?

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    some various techniques demonstrated on youtube via midway usa and larry potterfield.

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    I am midway (excuse the pun) through doing a full rifle restoration including a DIY blue.
    The 120 minimum plus RFD to RFD both ways or 150 in fuel to drop off was more than I was willing to pay!

    My only issue is sourcing a decent supply of Potassium Nitrite/Nitrate. I can get 25kg of Sodium Hydroxide easily but the common use for Potassium Nitrate is in meat curing (saltpeter) and it gets sold in grams not kilos!

    I came up with a novel way of boiling the solution, havent quite got round to updating my thread in the rifle maintenance section.
    I reckon I can do all the raw materials for around the 50. the actual boilers cost me less than a 10 as I already had all the materials.
    Happy to pass on the apparatus afterwards (assuming it works!) depending on where you are.

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    Might check this site out, as they have quite a few threads on DIY bluing....

    Note: if this are O/U or SxS shotgun barrels, you'll probably be relegated to using cold blue or the old fashion rust bluing. Pilkington's (from Brownells) works pretty well, but some mix it with another brand (the name escapes me now) to get a more uniform and deep blue. Just remember, with rust bluing it will actually be brown, until it is submerged in boiling water...

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    BTW, this is an excellent book on the subject and well worth having in the library if you are interested in the process. Just be advised that it was written some time ago and hence, uses some antiquated terms for chemicals (and no, no "eye of newt" is mentioned).

    Bluing and Browning Firearms

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    I just did my Tikka barrel with cold blue. Cold blue can achieve exellent results so long as you follow this advice. You must remove all rust and old bluing off the barrel, I used a buffer with a fine SCOTCHBRITE wheel. Try and ensure all the working marks ( which will be very fine ) go the same way, I did mine across the barrel and kept spinning in in the hand and moving slowy along the length.

    Next wear latex gloves and degrease with something like isopropyl alchohol, petrol or meths will leave deposits so dont use.

    Warm the barrel under a hot tap, this will speed the reaction , now put some bluing liquid onto cotton wool and methodically and speedily gently rub the length of the barrel., you will see the colur develop. Leave a few mins.

    Now run the barrel under the warm tap again and repeat.

    Once again under the tap

    Now repeat the bluing again but this time use very very fine wire wool, dont press hard!

    Once again wash in warm tap water and dry the barrel on a soft cloth

    Now coat the barrel in gun oil or 3 in 1...this will allow the bluing to develop but seals it from the air.

    In a day or lovely blued barrel.....remember to degrease in the first stages and dont touch the barrel surfac again until comple.

    I have included some pics of my Tikka T3.... hope you can see the bluing on the pics. The stock is from PSE and is cracking....different gun now, alot calmer' when shooting, sorry I look like a French farmer in the pic lol

    the bluing job is far far superior to the bluing job done by Tikka...

    Oh and DONT...go over the action with the scotchbrite wheel, the wheel will stip that too, the contrast between the action and barrel looks nice. Though it wont matter on a shot gun.
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    Kno3 in 25kg sacks from pyrowales see:

    , Potassium Nitrate

    I think you will find that Kno3 is most commonly used as an oxidising agent for the production of explosives, the curing meat jobby is a very smll market.


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    I bough a couple of .5 kilo pots of Potasium Nitrate fromm e-bay of all places.
    Iwas advertised as being an empty container, fooled e-bay
    I used it to blue a CZ bolt knob, just heat the granuals till they melt and go clear, imerse the metal and wait 15 minutes.
    Once out of the melted potasium quench in mineral engine oil, very pleased with the result.


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    Thanks for all your replys you have been a great help.

    Chickenman -

    looks like a great job you done there with your DIY Bluing!!!

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    You do not actually need the KNO3 to blue like that you can do in a furnace and just set the required colour temperature.

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