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Thread: Saw my first munty this morning

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    Saw my first munty this morning

    On the way from the stables where my other half keeps her horse to work this morning and in the woods just near Graffham I saw the Muntjac she told me about. She has seen him a couple of times on her way to the horse in the early mornings, but I hadn't until today. He trotted slowly across the road about 30 yards ahead of us this morning. I'd never seen one before, so was quite chuffed!

    He obviously likes it there as it is woodland with loads of low bracken, fallen branches, brambles and ground cover. I'm guessing that's his "little spot" he's picked out - and due to all the walks around that area I think he'll be quite safe

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    There's some around Ashdown but the only one I've seen was knocked down at an RTA at the Devil's Dyke Roundabout.
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    adjman chuffed for you I know i was over the moon when i first saw one on my permission here
    there building up quite nicely soon be time to start harvesting them
    regards pete .

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    I shot 2 Muntjac near Heyshot, must be over ten years ago.

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    Still not seen one yet, but about to put that right.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    youll get them soon enough miffy , dont introduce them mate

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    graffam polo pony country ex ex wife worked there for a oil baron guy plenty of fallen branches when i was down there after the great storm ,glad you have seen the wee beasty

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