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Thread: Digital safe access

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    Digital safe access

    Hi all,
    Just had a major flap over my digital safe !!!
    I let the batterys get to low . It has a key backup system, However I have forgotten my secret place for them
    Solution from manufacturer was they will not issue spare keys , but a HAIRDRYER held over the battery compartment may provide enough heat to give the batterys a final boost!!! Ten minutes later I am in
    Still gotta hunt out the keys though, they will be in the most ridiculous of places. Any way if anyone out there has a digital safe, and is in a similar predicament , It might just be wise to check your batterys, and refresh where you have hidden the backup keys.
    Lesson in flapping over.

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    Good outcome to a tricky situation Trapper.

    Now go find them bl**dy keys


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    A genius friend of mine locked his keys, plus the keys to his gunsafe, inside his digital safe, and then forgot the combination.

    He was restricted to throwing stones for about two weeks.

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    Oooh so lucky Trapper...

    that could of been a disaster...

    good luck with the key stalk...

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    battery is done in mine to, so I'm using keys . I'd appretiate any instruction as to re programming the dam thing

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    I thinks the programming is specific the the type you have Bambislayer.

    but this worked for mine.

    Hope it works with yours too.


    230BES Electronic Digital Safe


    1) Remove plastic round tab located on Digital plate to expose keyhole.

    2) Insert Emergency key into keyhole.

    3) Turn key counter clockwise to positive stop position.

    4) With key in position, turn Safe knob clockwise to Open door.

    5) Uncover battery compartment located in back of door and install 4 x AA batteries.

    SETTING USER CODE NOTE: The Factory Preset code is 123456.

    1) Open door.

    2) Press the Reset button on hinge side of door back. Yellow light will illuminate.

    3) With Yellow light ON, enter your Code (up to 8 digits).

    4) Press * key.

    5) Code is set when a tone is emitted and Yellow light turns off.

    NOTE: After setting code, TEST with door OPEN. To reset Code repeat above steps.

    1) With door Open, remove batteries from battery compartment.

    2) Press # Key for 5 seconds to cancel existing Emergency code.

    3) Re-insert batteries.

    4) Press 0 key twice.

    5) Press Reset button. Yellow light will illuminate, with two tones emitted.

    6) With Yellow light ON, enter your Code (up to 8 digits).

    7) Press * key. Code is set when tone is emitted and Yellow light turns off.

    NOTE: For Security reasons the Emergency code should be different from User code.

    NOTE: After resetting Emergency code you must reset User code.

    1) Enter Code on Digital pad.

    2) Press # key.

    3) When Green light illuminates, turn knob clockwise to open door.

    NOTE: Safe will auto-lock after 4 seconds after Green light turns off.

    NOTE: If Green light is On with door closed, turn knob counter clockwise to open door.

    NOTE: If an incorrect Code is entered Yellow light will Flash and emit 3 tones.

    NOTE: If Code is incorrectly entered 3 times Keypad will auto lock for 3 minutes.
    1) Close door.

    2) Turn knob Counter Clockwise.
    Replace batteries upon Red light illumination when opening Safe. Do not touch keypad until batteries are replaced to retain existing Codes.
    To ensure Security, duplicates of Emergency Keys are NOT available.

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    I had the same problem setting the thing up again after fitting new battery so googled the make and model then got new instructions off web.

    Though I cant imagine a google seach telling where you put the key


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    So Iam dead chuffed.
    Thats a lesson hard learnt. Right now off to find another secret place for them on second thoughts I will stick with this one after all it worked .
    The other key however stays about my person,now just need a place to hide it
    Trapper out.

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