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Thread: Fallow Deer - Park Cull with Jelen Deer Services

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    Fallow Deer - Park Cull with Jelen Deer Services

    Hi All,

    Having known about Jelen Deer Services for a number of years and never used them. I Last week decided to book a day out with Mike and his team and to take part in a Deer Cull taking place on the Gloucster/welsh boarder on Saturday.

    Having discussed with Mike and exchanged a number of emails, I duely turned up at the meeting point and soon after the team started to essemble.

    Mike and Simon arrived bang on time from Hampshire and we followed them to the Deer park and was greeted by the land owner for introductions and a short but effective brief from Mike on the requirements of the day.

    Having not taken park in a cull of this sort before. I was put at ease by the helpful approach of Mike and his team, and we soon set off into the park to become familiar with the safe shooting zones and lay of the land.

    I started out and was escourted by one of Mikes team... Simon who was a great laugh, good company and who made sure the right cull animal was selected and safe to shoot.

    It was'nt long before the first deer of the day were selected and being picked up and with 2 guns in the park Mike started to get busy in the larder.

    Having shot a couple of fallow yearlings, I headed back up to the larder to ensure my larder skills and inspection skills were up to scratch for my forthcoming DSC2 stalks... I worked through both my deer and took some new and useful pointers from Mike who sure knows his stuff.

    After a cuppa it was back out into the park and by this time another of Mike's team joined us (Paul) who escourted Mike's other guest in the park.

    Lunch was soon upon us, as were another couple of fallow for my tally (4) and Mike kindly provided some much needed lunch which was eaten with Simon in the park whilst waiting for the heard to head our way once more.

    With the light of the day starting to think about dissapearing.. I shot my fifth and last fallow yearling of the day and headed back up the hill to the larder to work on the deer and get it ready for the chiller.

    I had a wonderful day, and culling deer in a park is'nt quite as easy as I thought it would be.

    The deer knew what we were there for as soon as we entered the park, and would congregate in the no shoot zones or thick woods away from the open grass areas of the park. The culling improved as we managed to have the deer move after a shot was taken and another deer would be taken as they moved into the 2nd teams field of view.

    Whilst I'd not carried out much head shooting in the past.. Turns out I wasnt bad at it and this built my confidence as the day went on.

    I'd seriously recommend such a day to any one who wants to brush up on their deer experience or who needs a refresher in the larder prior to a DSC2 AW stalk. I found it increadibly useful and would like to personally recomend the services of Mike and the staff at Jelen Deer Services.

    Picture below shows some of the 12 fallow taken and hanging in the parks chiller.

    Mike / Simon and Paul, Thank you

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    Nice write up Robbo - sounds like you had a great day
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    Excellent write up, and nice to hear that the day was run so well. Mind you, that seems to be the case with Jelen. It's easy to disparage a job which actually needs no little skill to be done well.


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    Nice chaps the guys from Jelen.

    Not sure about park culling as I have never done it, seems to be a job rather than the sport and excitement of hunting.
    As i said, never done it so can't comment.
    Glad it worked out for you.

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    Good write up, and good experience. Depending on your viewpoint, Richiepolecat may have a point, but whatever you think it's good experience for safe and accurate shooting and for field and larder work. Nice one!

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    Totally agree.. It is a job rather then a stalk or hunting experience.

    I shoot enough wild deer but wanted to double check my larder skills in prep for the DSC2 and to shoot some fallow which I havent shot before.

    Now have experience on red, sika, roe, fallow, muntie...

    all the best


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    Nice write up. Sounds like a good day out.

    I'm going out with the Jelen team next month, and I'm looking forward to it, there's always something to learn.

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    Interesting write up Rob.
    Nice to hear something a bit different. As you mention it may not be the most sporting environment, but good for confidence building. Also a great way to get carcass handling experience.

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    Hi Darren,

    nice write up and sounds like you had a good day,

    I have been involed with a two park culls this winter not far from you,

    and yes it is different and not easy sometimes with bullet placement,

    speake soon Tony

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    Nice write up mate, glad you had a fantastic day!

    Its good to build up the experiences and learn something from all of them.
    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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