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Thread: Black Powder or Pyrodex Scotland?

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    Black Powder or Pyrodex Scotland?

    hi all, i am having great difficulty in locating any supplier of Black powder or any modern alternative (pyrodex) in Scotland.

    Does anyone know of an RFD in Scotland that stocks either? After contacting nearly all Scottish RFD's listed on the net it has become obvious that many of them are totaly unaware of Black powder, its legal status or that modern alternatives exist.

    I usualy use Henry Krank but i require on a small ammount of powder for a keepers day in a couple of weeks and cannot justify the shipping cost on 500gm

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks


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    My local - Bushwear in stirling stock pyrodex

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    Try Steve Hunter at the Hunters Cabin nr Banchory on Deeside - I vaguely recall him saying he ordered some black powder in for an overseas customer and then wasn't able to ship it, so it's probably still on his shelves.


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    Many thanks chaps

    I will give them a ring tomorow, i did try bushwear but rather than discusing stock i got carried away with a conversation on general shooting (doesent help when the you know the salesperson)


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    The stuff adamant is refering to has now been sold (it was pyrodex p and rs)

    sloans in inverurie has a tub or 2 in there stock ,that was a couple of weeks ago ,
    if you call them ask for john simpson tell him steve hunter sent you ..

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    depends where you live but if you think you will order a good amount I can get it in for you (pyrodex), we can also keep black powder but it costs lots to ship around and will not be cheap.

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