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Thread: Woodcock

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    How's your woodcock numbers looking this year boys??

    Mild winter having any impact?

    Not really seeing the numbers on our ground but bagged a welcome brace for the table on Saturday.

    Weather was really poor, low mist, high winds, p1shin rain.

    Birds sat really tight but it was a good stroll and as always, a few birds for the table are bonus.

    From the field

    Fine eating & nearly ready for the table

    I dont shoot many in a season but value woodcock highly and like to remember each one with a simple mount of their pin feathers.

    Be interested to hear how other parts of the country are doing?


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    Good before Christmas, a few about still but not in the numbers they were.
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    Casual observation from the Isle of Wight - Woodcock numbers seem about the same as other years, Snipe numbers are very much down

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    I see quite a lot of woodcock when I'm out foxing with the NV. I wouldn't like to say whether the numbers are up or down from last winter though. It's a funny thing - on the few occasions when I carry a shotgun, it always seems to be 'pointing the wrong way' if a woodcock appears. Lovely birds.

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    went to a local wood with 2 young lads and we put out about a dozen id say this is about right for this size of would its ideal ground but its been so mild down here i dont think we going to get a usual reinforcements from up north

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    There seem to be similar numbers to last year, if anything fractionally more.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I managed these 4 on the first day of my Christmas break, a brilliant morning and lovely to get out after 3 months stuck in London.

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    Plenty around at the moment in N / Yorks , just one question in your photo the feathers look very large for pin feathers ?

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    Good to see there are still plenty around and you boys getting a few for the table.
    Had mine tonight, absolutely beautiful

    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    Plenty around at the moment in N / Yorks , just one question in your photo the feathers look very large for pin feathers ?
    Maybe I should have explained the pin feathers are mounted into the tip section of the upper beak

    Here's a better pic with a 5 pence piece for comparison



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    That's better spot on , i shot a left and right a few years back and had them both stuffed beautifull birds

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    Here in Devon as devonfoxer said it has been very mild and till last night I had seen very few either locally or on the shoot. Last night under a full moon we were out after rabbits and in one field there must have been 20 or more woodcock feeding. Maybe they are just coming down here or sense something nasty is on the way!

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