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Thread: Kindle shooting or hunting books?

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    Kindle shooting or hunting books?

    My girlfriend got me a Kindle for Christmas. I read a lot and will read nearly anything.

    Now, I imagine that a lot of the African big game hunting type books and stories must be out of copyright by now and so might be freely available somewhere out there in internet land. Does anyone know if this is the case or can anyone suggest authors I might be looking for?

    I read some Corbett as a child but his work certainly isn't on Project Gutenberg so I'm interested in other names that might be on there.

    (For those who don't know Project Gutenberg set out to digitise books that were out of copyright. The project has been going for a long time, at least in internet terms, but has become useful to the average man in the street with the recent popularity of the Kindle etc.)

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    HI , I also got a kindle for Christmas and was thinking the same about sporting book . so any info about getting sporting books for the kindle would be appreciated, as i cant find any on the kindle book store.

    atb Blue.

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    Don't know of any of his books are available for the Kindle but have a look for some books written by Peter Hathaway Capstick, currently reading Death in the Long Grass in hardback... It's a good read.

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    Game shooting fieldsports also works but not many cheepies

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    Have had a kindle for couple o years , don't have specific shooting books

    But u do have 20,000 books which are unlimited can go on anyone's kindle ,
    Heap o authors Clive cussler, terry pratchett, best sellers list o authors etc
    I got it from folk I work with if you want a copy you'd need o send me a decent size memory stick and I'd send it back but the file size is bout 16.5gb

    Paul/ sauer

  7. #7 can search for any books it's like the project Gutenberg, also there's an app.

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