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Thread: .303 smle

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    .303 smle

    not really a deer rifle, but im on the look out for a smle .303

    does anyone know of where i may find a good example, some i have seen look like they have been carried through every skirmish since 1907.

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    I used to have Deer condition on my smle ! Never used it on deer though.

    Plenty of places to get a smle from depends if you want one used in ww1 the most expensive if in good condition or one made/built later.
    Mine was built out of parts bins with a SA barrel shot well and i sold it for more than i paid for it 5 years earlier.

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    Look in Gun Mart or on the Gun Trader website and you'll see a few! As you know there are FOUR buttstock lengths for the SMLE so you can almost, if you are lucky, get a bespoken length of pull.

    The lengths are LONG marked L, NORMAL which is not marked, SHORT marked S and the rare BANTAM marked B.

    If you are over six feet tall beware the NORMAL which will knock you about a bit and definitely avoid the S which will kick the living crap out of you!

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