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Thread: Northstar mod???

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    Northstar mod???

    Any body got a northstar mod on a .243?
    Would you recommend ??

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    Yup 100%, brilliant bit of kit, tried mine against my mates jet-z on his rifle, definately quieter, reduced kick and and better balanced


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    That's what I wanted to hear, as I've just ordered one
    Nice one cheers

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    Yes I have one on my 6.5 and my mate uses one on his .243. Both of us rate them well.
    They are not the lightest mod but they are well made and you don't have to worry about the rust issues like you do with a T8 just give them a wipe and squirt of WD40.

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    I had one and didn't like it. It's like a dead weight hanging on the end of your barrel. Changed it for a CMM6 and never looked back. Quieter when compared to a Northstar, both 6.5 Swede next to each other.
    Billy no guns.

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    Mixed opinions then, do you think it's personal preference?

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    What rifle is it going on? i suppose that is what will make the biggest difference?


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    Got 1 on my T3 and cant see past it ,a couple of mates got them after that 1 for his 222-50 and another for his 243 .On another note tho I do actually prefer the look of the pes t12 mods.all the best anyway.

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    Got a northstar on my T3, no problems, maintenance free and nice and compact. Highly recommended

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    Going on a t3. as long as it does a good job not too bothered about what it looks like
    cheers for input guys

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