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Thread: MTC mamba lite

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    MTC mamba lite

    Been looking for a replacment budget scope to go on my .223 for fox/vermin.
    Anybody use the MTC mamba lite, and if so what do you think of it.
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    Yeah just got one for my WH100-177
    Very impressed with it so far, see on reason why it would not be fine for your223
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    i had a viper 4x16x50 and could find no fault with it in daylight but a bit milky in low light and not the best for lamping
    but did the job for me for 2 years on my 223 till i could afford a niteforce i think most will advise you to buy the best glass you
    can afford they are not wrong atb foxxer

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    Got one one my .270!! excellent scope day or night look through a scope 4 or 5 times more in cost I can't tell the difference. Defently recommend the mamba.

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    Had a regular mamba and it was rubbish, milky and fussy on eye relief at high mag, very big and heavy too. Sold it and bought a Burris Fullfield for not much more, no comparison.

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    They are not the best optically, as said above fussy on eye relief and can 'white out'. However perfectly acceptable for daytime shooting. I use one on my 17 Rem because they are excellent with nv addons.

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    Thanks for the replies lads!
    Just to expand on the OP, On new years eve took the whole battery down to the shoot and had a day zeroing out to 250yds and enjoying a day out with nobody else on the land. had picked up a nite vision scope on loan off a friend for a week, so fitted it on my .223 ready for an outing on mr fox.
    Got home late so rushing about putting 4 rifles ammo etc away whilst her indoors looked on ( we had arranged to meet some friends). Got up near years day to find the van window broken and all the contents rifled. Binoculars (under seat) leupold111 (off .223), sat nav, combustion gear etc all gone.

    Had kittens trying to remember if there was any ammo or other bits left out with rushing the night before.

    So although I would prefer a better model scope I will have to make do with something like the MTC mamba lite until funds allow me to upgrade again.
    Long term the budget scope will be relegated to the 22rf,
    ETR the model is the 3x12x44 scb reticle mate.

    I will hold off as long as possible before buying, just in case I can put some more money in the pot, but already into 4 figures+ for whats missing and Have already had to replace the combustion kit£££££s

    Will try and find a stockist local and have a look at one asap.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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