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Thread: Mitsubishi L200 4 Life

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    Mitsubishi L200 4 Life

    Well, the deal I was due to undertake with the Nissan X-Trail fell through. Miffed. , but tomorrow I'm going to have a look at a Mitsubishi L200. It's quite an old one (2002 I think), but has low mileage. Is there anything I need to specifically look out for on this car? Also, what configuration is the odometer? Is it a 99,999 mile clock, or a 999,999 mile clock?I've heard a lot about pick ups attracting lower road tax due to their commercial vehicle status. What's the crack with this?
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    The engines are prone to going bang at 75k ish .The Thrust bearing design/material selection was poor. A friend has just had his engine rebuilt, it cost him 2.5k, be carefull. My 2.5 turbo ranger was 210 for tax.

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    have a 2003 l200 4 life 210 tax cracking truck had it two years just a sensor go on engine managment thats all .mines done 84k

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    Hi, just be very careful. Two years ago i bought a 2002 model for 5200 ish (cant quite remember) and it looked to be immaculate, anyway to cut a long story short i ended up paying out another 3500 in the next 6 Months!!! to keep it going. New flywheel, clutch, cylinder head etc etc etc. When i looked into a lot of the forums it turned out that the models around the 2002 age are prone to a LOT of these issues. The trucks look good but are just too dodgy for my liking. If you can afford one buy a Hi-Lux and dont look back, failing that the Ford Rangers are fairly good and not over priced.

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    I've had an 03 L200 4 life for the last 2 years and it hasn't missed a beat. The previous owner had the head skimmed and resealed as it had gone at about 78k (apparently a common fault) now has 93k on.
    A bit heavy on the diesel compared to newer ones and the hi-lux giving about 33 on average for me, better on a run but only if you are willing to take it easy, get above 70 and it drops to low 20's.
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    I had a 2004 L200 4 life for 3 years doing around 70k , not a bad motor. Down side, heavy on deisel, underpowered in IMO and just as i was about to upgrade to a ford Ranger the engine oil sump started to leak quite badly due to being poreous. I find the Ford Ranger far superior IMO.

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    I looked into various pick ups before buying my Hilux. I would recommend going for either the Ford Ranger / Mazda or a Toyota Hilux.

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    Things to look out for initially in my mind is cam belt change, should be about every 55,000 miles
    so check on that and if in any doubt change it anyway , as it is cheaper to do than a engine rebuild
    they need a regular service every 8-9000 miles
    check the rear leaf springs to see if any of them are cracked, they normally go about around the 50,000 mile mark if worked hard or around the 100,000 mile mark if not, these figures are based on my experiences only
    You may also find fuel consumption a little heavy, about 25mpg
    I get to use this one for work every year and it still going strong amazingly , will tow literally anything
    this is not my motor but a mates, I just get to use it for work

    I actually drive a 56 plate Warrior and got it from new , it has now done 113,000 miles of mixed milage
    now on a 3rd set of tryes,
    just had the brakes done and a new set of leaf springs last october and original cluth still going strong

    Depending on how the truck you are looking at was looked after, may well depend on how much it will cost you to keep it running, certainly something to bear in mind
    But they are a great truck regardless

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