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    new addition

    hello to all
    i am getting a 204 built by a guy here. i will be using it for foxes mainly and also for some fun at long range rabbits crows etc. was just wondering whaat ye think of it as a calibre. this is what i am getting

    remmy 700 action
    boyds thumbhole stock
    lothar walter 26" barrel
    a tactical bolt handle
    was thinking of a timney or a jewell trigger kit
    and a custom made moderator which is calibre specific.

    i will post up pics when it is finished cheers in advance for the feedback

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    well im running a .20 tactical (posh 204) and its the best thing since sliced bread for charlie and lrbb (long range bunny bashing), it was built by McKillop rifles here in the uk and i would not let anyone build me a rifle other than Neil, just superb,

    anywho, its fantastic, flat as a 16 year old models tummy and just as nice,



    dekota brass.
    cci primers
    40 gr hornady V max.
    25 gr of RL10 x.

    oh la la,
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    Go for the jewell trigger,I have 2 fitted to remy 700's superb.
    I would Consider the .20 tac, if having it built.

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    Deffo go with the jewel. Makes a good rifle excellent.

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    Jewell without question, they are more expensive but Timney's are not in the same league.

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    i have a jewell trigger on my 20TAC , my moderator is a full length shrouded barrel type . Youll enjoy it , good choice

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    shot my mates 204 and sent off to have 1 put on my card ?(its in the post so they say)we took a fox other nite 270 mts with it very flat shooting this is whot made my mind up about this cal will start looking soon for 1 for myself?? and when you pull the trigger it stays in the scope hardly any kick but it do,s hit foxes hard for a 32 grain head it surprised me

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    thrid eye make .20cal mods

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    Sounds nice mate...Im loving mine, its a cracking round, wish id bought one 2 years ago!!! Shot 5 with it now, no runners furthest at 270 yards and another 2 last night 190 adn 150 yards. Unreal how hard the 32g round hits. Best load so far is a compressed load of Varget 32g Nosler flying at 3800 ft/sec. Hole in hole at 100 yards and apx 3/4" at 200 yards. Mine is an off the shelf Howa 1500 with Varmint barrel and thumbhole stock. Trigger ok, got it to around the 2lb mark.

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