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Thread: Removing RG crimped primers

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    Removing RG crimped primers

    Is there an easy way to do this without snapping the pin in my die? Got a few hundred to do
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    Just go ahead and do it.

    There is an increased resistance, but not enough to snap the decapping pin.

    If you're using a Lee FLRSZ die make sure the collet nut is tightened before you start.
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    Using Redding dies.
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    I presume it's 5.56mm cases that you are reloading then Treacle Trackpad? As far as I know the only Radway Green cases that they loaded using the boxer system in the not too distant past were 5.56mm, all their 7.62mm were berdan primed. I knew that most of the U.S. military ammo had crimped in primers having had experience of reloading 5.56mm ammo for my mini 14 some years ago but didn't realise that R.G. did the same as I can't remember ever reloading any of their cases. As Sinistral says crimped in primers only offer slightly greater resistance when decapping and removing the crimp before repriming is relatively easy.

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    Yes it's 5.56 boxer. I'll give it a go tonight see what's what. Cheers
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    You can get universal decapping dies that will decap most rifle calibres as the die doesn't touch the body or neck of the case, iirc they are around 10 and the decapping pins are cheap and easy to replace. I use one to decap all of my fired brass before cleaning in the ultrasound cleaner to stop carbon/dirt getting into my loading dies

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    I was given about 100 pounds of once fired 7.62x51 Lake City brass a couple of months ago and set off to decap some of them before cleaning and swaging the crimp out of the primer pocket. I bought an RCBS "Heavy Duty" decapping die and broke the pin on the third case. I replaced the pin and broke that one five cases later. I figured it was a bad batch of pins but I noticed that the threaded rod itself was starting to bend as well. I drove to the city and bought a Lee Decapping Die and decapped 300 cases without a hitch. I later replaced the rod and pins in the RCBS unit (for half the cost of the unit itself) and it held up for a quick twenty cases, at least....

    So, two thumbs up for the one piece Lee decapper if you have a lot of cases to decap before cleaning.~Muir

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    I've just lubed up (the cases ) and run a hundred through my Redding FL die with no discernable difference felt. They all sized and de-capped a treat with no dramas so I'll get the rest done in due course.

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