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Thread: This is OUTRAGEOUS opinions very appreciated

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    This is OUTRAGEOUS opinions very appreciated

    Dear all

    This sorry tale (in my opinion) is regarding how much a DMQ Level 2 Witness has just charged a friend of mine for "assessing" him for his level 2.

    I will try and make this as succint as possibe.

    Basically my friend had phone contact with the assessor and email corespondance and a price of the following was agreed.

    125 for 2 outings per day and 75 per day for him carrying out the assessment.

    My friend turns up and shoots over all 9 Fallow deer. One buck and the rest does.

    On monday morning just gone, my friend and the assessor successfully get onto a buck. The assesor tells my friend to shoot it. The shot is good and the buck goes down. Upon approahing the animal the assessor says "oh it's the white one it's the white one! That was the white one I was saving for someone to come up and shoot from Cheshire". It is a nice buck. Not medal class but with fair palmation and a very nice representation - all white.

    At the end of the 2 days, my friend has shot 9 deer in total so it comes to settle up time. He talleys it all up and says "ok that all in comes to 900".

    He then proceeds to breakdown the costs:-

    It appears that does are 40 per animal and "cull bucks" 75 per animal.

    He says "but I will have to charge you 180 for the white fallow". Remember the assessor told him to shoot it and the price was never mentioned. My friend thought it would be charged as a cull buck as it was a mistake the assessor had made.

    My firend came away feeling pretty sick and rang me to ask if I thought it was fair.

    Furthermore the assessor has said he is not yet comepetent on the gralloch and has told him that it would be a good idea to come back in February to improve his competency on the gralloch!!! What a ******* is what I say. Also he has not filled in any of the portfolio. Not about his rifle handling skills or whether his knife was sharp or wearing gloves etc etc the portolio is blank.

    My fallow average out at 34 - 37 kg's per animal dressed out so I make that at 2.20 a key 736 in value down the game dealers.

    My friend said to me "is that the going rate" and although he felt a bit sick didn't necessarily think that e had been wronged.

    The assessor has made over 1600 in two days. I say that is outrageous. What I am looking for is everyones opinions on this.

    Look forward to your responses.

    Many thanks

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    Caveat Emptor

    Let the buyer beware.

    Get your friend to talk to DMQ. Sorry to hear 'bout your friend.

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    another reason not to bother,
    we need a splinter certificate,

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    If this character is an Accredited Witness and all you say is true, he is badly out of order. Your friend should contact the Assessment Centre responsible and give them the full story. It would do no harm to copy correspondence to DMQ Ltd as well.

    If he's a Credible Witness that makes him less 'official' - but it's still worth registering the concern. The more people who report the cowboys, the more likely some action will be taken.

    Also worth contacting the UK Association of Professional Deer Managers (see their website at to see if he's a member - they might have some concerns over quality control.

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    Sorry about your friend sounds well ripped off.
    How about he comes on this site and names and shames to prevent others getting treated the same.

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    Re: This is OUTRAGEOUS opinions very appreciated

    Name and Shame !

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    Report him to DMQ, BASC or whoever the arsehole belongs to.
    Name the ******* on here and every other site, because that is the only way people like him are going to be stopped.

    Your mate should have paid him 650 as agreed (125 per day x 2 + 2 X 75.00) and insisted he fill out his Individual cull records.
    If he does not report him then he needs his arse kicking

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    I am sure your friend has been done. I think I have just got my DSC2, the assessor says he has passed it as approved to the verifier. It cost me 60 per stalk and no extra for the witnessing. I sent in a portfolio that was complimentarily received, thanks to the witnesses guidance.
    If your mate gralloched 9 deer then the witness has done him no favours if he hasnt straightened him out by the last one. I understand that of the 3 ICRs only one has to be perfect in each element, although its obviously much better if all are.
    Finally, if none of the paperwork has been done then your friend hasnt achieved anything as far as I can see.
    He could get 2 stalks with a competent stalker, ie a DSC2 man. I am sure guys on here would help, I would if in right area.
    My experience of DSC2 has been very positive.

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    It appears that does are 40 per animal and "cull bucks" 75 per animal.
    Hmm! This either "appeared" surely when the whole session was being agreed that animals shot would be charged OR it "appeared" after the animals were shot.

    Did your friend not ask a direct question before booking of "How much per beast if I kill?" Or at the very latest BEFORE he pulled the trigger?

    If he was told that all he would pay would be the stalk and the assessment fee then I would do this:

    I would "name and shame" and drop the guy in the **** to the taxman. How many outings does the guy do? Hmm! The taxman may very well find that informatuon interesting.

    That really is quite disgraceful.

    I would refuse to pay. And invite the guy to see him in Court for the extra. And a reminder that what ends up in the "public domain" will end up with the taxman. An agreed price - if your friend's version is 110% correct - is an agreed price.

    As you say this is all good meat and drink to those who think that this whole DMQ is just a way to make money. However I find it unusual that no mention of any agreement was made of any cost per animal killed beforehand.

    On the other side of the argument:

    Either there was no cost per animal killed mentioned or there was. I can't see this factor having not been set down clear to start with. Surely nobody sets out on a stalk without the making it crystal clear BEFORE if the cost of the stalk includes or does not include the cost of any beast killed?

    If he was told that there would be a cost additional per animal killed then he has not a moral case. Except maybe the white buck. As there was no "extra fee" mentioned before it was taken then he is justified in offering only the 75.

    As the friend was taking "Level 2" surely he can't be that much a "greenhorn"?

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    Name and Shame

    Report him to the assessment centre.

    As an AW , this behaviour relly pisses me off!

    I don't see anything wrong with being re-imbursed for expenses but with this type of behaviour the present system ain't working.

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