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Thread: what scope for africa

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    what scope for africa

    been invited to africa by a friend to shoot plains game (non-dangerous species), and will bring the 30-06 loaded with 180g partitions. This is in the Kruger park, so I believe its non-mountainous and shots on say springbok to 250 yds are more the norm than the exception, mind, I'm a learner at this one! On that note, what scope should I be looking to sit on the aught six?

    I will be looking for a new scope for that rifle no matter what, but since it could be I might have a chance to visit this farm once a year or every other year going forwards, I want to ensure it's one that is just as suitable to plains game hunting as it is on my local hill for red stags in the autumn.

    any ideas/thoughts?

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    I use the same scopes for Africa as I do for here.
    Just get it zeroed out to at least 250 yards and practice as much as you can before you go.



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    Would have thought 6x42 would be about perfect.

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    Swarovski 2-12x56 would cover every eventuality you could come across. Get the I.R one and you would even cover finding yourself in a leopard hide at 2am ( if you get hooked on African air and sunsets).

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    The light goes quickly in africa and most of the time is bright. On that basis, I wouldnt recomend more than a 50mm objective and probably 42 would be fine. Given you want to use the scope in Scotland I would suggest you dont go below 42. The very most mag you would need is 12x but you would be fine with max of 9 or 10. Keep it simple I would suggest. Target turrets and parrallax adjustment turrets are just another thing to go wrong. Illuminated ret will be more use in scotland than africa. A lot of hunting in Africa involves driving great distances over rough ground in a veh. Good mounts and a scope that isnt too heavy and therefore not putting an extra strain on the mounts is a help for the rifle jolting in the rack of a veh. Spend as much as you can afford on the scope to get as good a quality as you can. Hopefully that will give you some parameters to start looking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Would have thought 6x42 would be about perfect.
    That's what I used in Namibia - good for longer range as well as close up. No 1 reticule for me too.

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    I used a Leupold 3-9x50 on my 300wsm on the plains and use the same sometimes for red deer in Scotland. It seems to cover all situations.

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    I guess I should just leave the 6x42 S&B on the aught six after all then

    I didn't think 6x was enough, but if you say it is, I'll go with the consensus of the experienced

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    Remember that a lot of the game your going to be seeing is probably larger than we are used to. Your used to the 6x42 so stay with what your sued to.. less to go wrong or mess about with so what is not to like?

    In fact a 4x36 or 4x40 would probably do just as well. I really feel that we have become addicted to far too much magnification

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