There was a man who was on a long haul flight from England to Australia. He urgently needed to go to the toilet, but the gent’s toilet was out of order. He knew he couldn't very well just go into the ladies, even though it was empty, so he pressed his overhead button and a hostess came up to him.

He explained his situation, and she offered to stand outside the women’s toilet whilst he went in. The man was so relieved.

Just before he went in, the hostess said "Whatever you do, don't press any buttons, especially the one marked ATR."

So he went in and whilst he was sitting, he noticed 4 buttons on the wall: one marked WW, another marked WA, a PP button, and an ATR button.

He remembered what the hostess said, but he was so curious.

He pressed the WW button and some warm water came up from the toilet and washed his bottom, then he pressed the WA button - a jet of warm air came up and dried him. He pressed the PP button and from somewhere inside the toilet two powder puffs came out and powdered his nether regions.

As this had been so good, he looked at the ATR button and thought "Where's the harm, no one will know. The hostess was just making a fuss." So pressed it. Immediately he felt an excruciating pain and blacked out.

He woke up a good few hours later in a hospital near the airport terminal, with the hostess and a nurse standing by him.

"You pressed the ATR button didn't you?" she said. "After I told you strictly not to touch it."

"Yes, what does it stand for" the man replied, "I must have blacked out."

The hostess couldn't help but smirk and said "Automatic tampon remover.”Fortunately the doctors at the hospital have managed to stitch the wound and stop the bleeding. "

"By the way," said the nurse, "Your pride and joy is in the polythene bag next to your pillow."