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Thread: Barrel length and noise suppression

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    Barrel length and noise suppression

    I have just had the barrel on my Anshutz 1416 .22lr cut down to 40cm which is about 15 inches.

    Assuming my application for a mod is accepted, I would like to know if there will be a discernable difference in the noise suppresion with the shorter barrel? I have another standard length .22lr which is whisper quiet.....Im not so sure if my newly cut down 1416 is going to be as quiet.

    Many thanks for the help

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    With sub sonic ammo you will never notice the difference.


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    as above, my 12.5" cz is still nice and quiet with subsonics.

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    The only downside of a chopped barrel I ever noticed (and this was an HMR not an LR) was the increased wear on the baffels, which was probably due to the gasses being a little hotter than they might be in a 20" barrel.

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    I found no difference in noise or accuracy when I chopped my .22LR from 20" to 12.5", using a SAK moderator and sub-sonic ammunition. Just a muted 'phut' and the sound of the firing pin striking, followed by the unmistakeable 'thud-crunch' of a 40gn hollowpoint hittlng a rabbit's head...

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Glad to hear that cutting a barrel in half doesn`t impede the performance the gun. I tested a Brugger&Thomet silencer and was very disappointed as the crack was still pretty loud. As mentioned in a previous thread, the Weihrauch silencer muted the report completely but I now understand that is for pellet guns only. I hope the SAK or PH will do the job properly.

    Many thanks

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