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Thread: Good or bad?

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    Good or bad?

    This is certainly not for me, and wondered what my fellow stalkers thought.

    Admin not strictly stalking related so feel free to delete if you feel it is in bad taste or a bun fight starts.
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    Whatever floats your boat but shooting big cats and bears isn`t for me and i can`t see the point in doing so. (Public danger and welfare aside)
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    running animals till they cant fend for them-selves and or hide in trees then shoot them yep great fun NOT

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    Another sport carried out by people we don,t know, in ways we don,t understand as we don,t do it, it must be wrong

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    All this thread is going to do is divide the "Feild Sports "world." If everyone one asks opinions in public about activities that they do not agree with, then what little sway "we" have gets eroded away. What shall we "look into/ vote about next"hunting in Africa, culling out of season, rearing birds just to shoot, shooting full antlered stags, baiting highseats, paying for the "privilage2 to kill a trophey animal??? Live and let live, or we will be well and truly diveded and the conquered. I bet if you put a third option in the vote...."each to their own" it would come out on top. (Look at the fox shooters...terrier workers, stag hunters, Waterloo Cup supporters, etc, not everyone cup of tea, but chip, chip, chip....gone!

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    Is it going to generate the same divided camps as using a bow or crossbow to hunt?

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    not for me

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    Irrespective of whether the images depicted are to anyones taste or not, I think that this sort of thread is in great danger of playing directly into the hands of organisations such as LACS & Animal Aid and probably best avoided !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Another sport carried out by people we don,t know, in ways we don,t understand as we don,t do it, it must be wrong
    Good post!

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