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Thread: Patterdale Terrier ???

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    Patterdale Terrier ???

    I'm seriously considering buying a patterdale terrier pup.
    I am aware that they are primarily a working breed however if I go ahead and buy one it will be a house pet. {I have the GWP for deer work}.
    Does anyone have first hand experiance of the breed and whats your opinion as a whole?
    All information and comments will be well received.

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    Cracking dogs, hard as nails scared of nothing!

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    Super dogs. Mine is happy to spend one day walking cover for woodcock and the next day in the car and the following sleeping. Find them a very versitile breed and kind natured. Mine as hunt bred but shows no real desire to go down holes thankfully.

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    Not a pet, working dog, cat killer as deerman said hard as the hobs of hell.

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    Great dogs, make good pets as well as working dogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgy View Post
    Not a pet, working dog, cat killer as deerman said hard as the hobs of hell.
    Ones I've known and seen,I defo concur,good at their job like
    Discretion assured
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    wish I could work out how to post photos, I have a Patterdale, I use him for blood trailing along with my Pointer, Lab cross. He is a cracking little dog and really good on a trail. the only thing is you have to watch your hands when he gets to a carcass.

    He is a house dog also and is sat at my feet as I type this, He's great with my young cousins and other dogs and has a lovely nature... Just don't get in his way when he's ragging.

    My advice is stop considering and get one, you won't be dissapointed. - And don't rule him out for deer work.

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    Ive had them for nearly 30 years now , their all bred from the countrys best bloodlines now , you still get the odd one that wont work to ground but we dont breed from these . get working lines (bred from worker x worker not bred for looks) their easy going dogs that mix with others no problems , take no notice of the blood and guts storys , but you can be sure these are digging dogs is the quarry doesnt bolt you have to get them out . that said their clever little dogs and good all rounders and once youve had one youll have another

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    Mine is a fantastic little bitch, any kind of work she is happy, also turned out to be a cracking deer dog.
    She is not clever with young kids though, but I have a friend with them and all his are good with kids?

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    Its a bit of a gamble as to whether one would make a good pet, you might get lucky and get one that is good in the house and good with other dogs.

    You could also get one that pisses everywhere and wants to fight with his shadow.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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