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Thread: What is the best price structure for a stalk

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    What is the best price structure for a stalk

    I thought this was fair

    50 a stalk + 100 for a kill if no Deer seen no fee at all.
    But if you do get one you get the second one FREE..

    Happy days
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    is that why many pro stalkers say good shot reload seems like a good idea to me !

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    Quote Originally Posted by miffy View Post
    I thought this was fair

    50 a stalk + 100 for a kill if no Deer seen no fee at all.
    But if you do get one you get the second one FREE..

    Happy days
    The stalking price no problem, but the 100 is this per stalk or per day if per stalk shot 2 in the morning 100, shot 1 in the evening 100 plus 2x50 equals 300 or 2X50 PLUS 100 for the day 200.
    Bit of a swing in the price, now if it's all clear which option you are to stalk under no problem,I think this is where a lot of people get their knickers in a twist.
    They don't take the time to read all the terms and conditions that they are to stalk under. If you don't have it in writing then don't complain if it bites you in the wallet,also if your not sure ask your guide before you go no point in shooting that gold medal of a life time then finding out it is 300 for the head plus 10/CIC point and 150 shot fee.

    I have to pay to stalk so don't get out very often, I have to make sure I have the cash to pay any stalking costs and also that I can work out in a heartbeat what it will cost if and when I pull the trigger.
    I have booked to go on the Stags this year the wife is going to give me some of her work bonus to pay for it. Now I have an email from the guide I am booked to go with and that gives me a break down of the cost for the day and also if I pull the trigger what I will be charged.
    This email covers both parties in as much as we both know what the charging structure is and have that to go to if there is any discrepancy.

    You pays your money and takes your choice.

    PS Miffy hope you had a good Xmas and New year, you got rid of that moderator cover yet or did you just leave it in the pub. See you next meet all being well Dave
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    Quote Originally Posted by miffy View Post
    I thought this was fair

    50 a stalk + 100 for a kill if no Deer seen no fee at all.
    But if you do get one you get the second one FREE..

    Happy days
    Is that what we as guides pay you to turn up and do our job for us, seems fair to me, will you pay your own N.I. or do we pay that for you as well and how much will you charge me per mile to get you here?

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    I want to get to stalking but I also find the cost side of it confusing.The shooting press keep saying how easy it is to get started but with no mention whatsoever as to the cost of getting started.I suppose I have to do more research.

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    I initially after first contact send my price list.
    You study it at lesuire then contact again to book.
    I ask if you understood the terms and cost, then if you are un-sure I will explain them, still happy we make a date.
    Then you have booked stalking and are aware what the day/outing will cost you.
    regards john

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    So waht would be a ball park average price for a day out with one beast in the bag? I know that any price would exclude taking the meat home.

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    To take home 30,000 a year
    Divide by 48 be nice if you get some time off with the wife and kids gives you 625 per week
    Divide this by 5 give you 2 days a week off to do the family/paperwork gives you 125 per day
    Divide this by 12 gives you 10.42 per hour but still a 60 hour week

    So all in all not bad!! But hang on what about overheads?

    Vehicle purchase or lease, fuel costs, running costs(tyres, insurance (commercial as using for business),road tax) , repair/maintenance,depreciation also factor in replacement.
    Leases on land to be paid also cull targets to be met or penalties incurred.
    B&B if not stalking within travel of home i.e. Stags in Scotland.
    Commercial insurance, third party liability
    Mortgage on home
    Rifle/s, ammunition, also servicing/replacement
    NI stamp
    Money away for a pension#
    Divorce "Cause your never bloody here!!"

    So What does the happy, carefree, self employed stalker have to earn top line?
    Well some of the costs only they will know,but I for one bet they don't take 30,000 home and only work 48 weeks a year and 5 day weeks.

    It always seems a great life if you don't do it.
    I drove lorries for 20 years away from home 4/5 nights people thought it must be great, no it's crap never see your family, kids grow up with you not there, wife copes without you to the point your not needed.

    But you earn good money!! er no not when you work out your doing 80 hour weeks and your mates doing 40hours earning 2/3 what your taking home.

    Stalking to me seems like its a vocation, they all seem to live breath and eat it,as to making a lot of money don't think this is the job they all would have chosen if that is what they wanted.

    Just my thoughts on the subject.
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    This matter has been done to death on this site.

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