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Thread: drinks chillers

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    drinks chillers

    can anyone post a couple of pics of how they converted drinks chiller for hanging deer. It is only fallow at this stage that i stalk and would like to be able to hang 2 deer. Basically i want to know how a rail was fitted to take the weight and if there are any gotchas to sealing the chiller again if the structure has to be drilled to allow a strong fixing etc

    thanks in advance

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    All you need is a pull up bar to hang beasts from. I can fit four roe in at a time no problem. Will try and get a couple of pictures up for you.

    Regards, Dan

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    Shameless bump.

    I'd quite like to see the various ways people have approached this as well.

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    Shooting only really roe deer, I bought a fridge off ebay from a sandwich shop closing down (not a drinks chiller), think it was fifty quid. I drilled a hole through the top, made a large x shaped steel plate wich distributes the load and then bought a stainless steel bolt-with-eyelet like those used for chaining bikes etc to brick walls. Few washers and a bit of silicon sealant and jobs a gooden for less than sixty quid. Had three roe in it with no problems, in fact the only problem I had was when I turned it up to high and froze one of my carcasses!

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    typical i bought the chiller and fabricated a bracket to hang the deer and havent seen hide nor hair of a deer since. i will post a couple of pics later of how i went about modifying the chiller. I didnt want to drill holes in the chiller as it was practically brand new and i may sell it on at some stage so i used the four vertical shelf rails that are fitted inside the chiller and made a couple brackets and a bar to run across the width of the chiller.


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    Although I bought a walk-in chiller rather than a drinks cabinet, I still had to address the issue of how to hang the overhead rails. For ease of cleaning/hygiene reasons I didn't want any legs touching the floor, so had to come up with something else. In the end, I pop-rivetted some brackets to the sides so that I wouldn't have to drill right through the top. As is my way, I somewhat over-engineered the solution - but at least they won't fall off in a hurry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksb View Post
    typical i bought the chiller and fabricated a bracket to hang the deer and havent seen hide nor hair of a deer since.
    Always the same isn't it when i set mine up the first things to go in were two of a mates, then the old man put a sheep in it .

    Was about eight weeks before i put it to use .

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Coca cola fridge easily holds roe and muntjac, would struggle with a red though

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    Just picking up on this older thread, a lot of you lad’s use converted drinks coolers, as do I.

    I thought some of you may be interested in a little “add on” I built for mine. It adds that bit more versatility especially at this time of year.

    Hopefully, it can be seen from the photos that the construction is simply two bits of stainless angle section braced across at the desired width with ” round stainless stock drilled and tapped. Then four pieces of the same angle section welded in position to support two lengths of 16mm thick walled tube, which are removable to accommodate either pheasants (tied Cock/Hen) or legged rabbits etc.

    Two of these shelve units can comfortably hold a couple of dozen birds or a dozen rabbits in my cooler.

    Click image for larger version. 

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