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    roe m 62

    hi all,was working in selby today and on the way there from leaving end of m 18 too coming off at the junction other side off flyover(either 1 or 2 junctions) there were 6 roe 1 side off m62 and 4 otherside. they were still there when we came back 3 hrs later,but all were layed down and a couple of fields further on we saw another group of 4!!! seen the odd few round that way but never so many in 1 area. at a guess they must have all been within 50 acres of each other. stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Loads of them around that area, and further towards Manchester too. Once you get passed Huddersfield and more in to the moors, Roe thin out and Reds take over

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    they are always there sit right out into the fields so they have good field of view i saw both groups on my way out to derby this morning and again coming home,atb wayne

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    Its that time of year when they are starting to be a bit more obvious. Roe seem to like life out in the big open fields. They can couch down in the middle and see anything coming from a long way off and if the weather turns bad they can move over and drop into the lee side of a ditch.

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    I also think that they have worked out that they are safer near motorways from poachers and dog men.

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    My mate did the m62/m18 run this week and counted 27 deer.
    we saw 18 before christmas when we went south.
    the roe seem to live out in the big fields and can see danger from dog men miles away.
    lso ever passing car has a phone and the police helicopter is always near the M.system so the daft lads don't feel happy bout chasing them.

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