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Thread: Deer carcass to be tested for cat dna.

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    Quote Gloucestershire big cat expert, Rick Minter EQ

    Now what makes old Rick a 'big cat expert'?

    They seem to be in every country where 'big cats' grow.

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    Whilst most people on this site are very skeptical about big cats excising in UK I am of an open mind.

    However in this case it does seem more than a coincidence that we used to have our Range Rover serviced by Steve Gay who lived behind Wickwar and his house overlooked the valleys and common to the woods.

    He told me that one afternoon he saw a jet black big cat move across the valley behind their property and I have no reason what so ever to doubt his word.

    It is not that far from Stroud.

    It will be interesting what the DNA studies reveal.


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    Hmm I would question whether any DNA would be viable after 2 days of being in the open, unless it is hair with a root folicle attached. I am no expert but have had some dealings with DNA through my work in the past and if they expect to get a full DNA strand from saliva left on the kill I would be suprised if they do. However, as I said I am no expert on this matter, so I await the results. If we get to hear about it that is.

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    It would be good if someone would keep us all posted on any outcome of some of these stories just convenient

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    Anyone know the outcome of this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaothead View Post
    Anyone know the outcome of this?

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    maybe it was a no news day.the bbc can produce experts on anything these days.see the muntjac -roe posts about the bbc and their experts<ex =has been ,spert as in unwanted discharge>

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    Oh deer how disapointing, no "big cat" DNA traces were found! I have to admit that I'm completely flabberghasted, in fact my flab has never been so ghasted!
    I honestly would have expected some traces of Cougar to have been found, especially as a few of them were reported to have been seen in a wine bar down in Chipping Sodbury quite recently. The report said that they were seen quite regularly out on the prowl and dressed to kill, and that they looked well up and ready for a full blown rutting session!
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