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Thread: Disgusted

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    Pointing weapons at each other on the IT article, I have seen it allnow, these people are so irresponsible they should be closed down if they cantcensor them selves!!


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    It made me wince but I did think there was no bolt in the rifle.

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    Bolt or no it is not the point a rifle should never be pointed at a person

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    Seems to be common place nowadays. I saw one recently where a girl was pointing a shotgun at the camera.
    What`s been instilled into young shooters for generations is undone in 30 minutes.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Totally agree Divilishdave, golden rule, as i was taught, never point a gun at anyone,unlaoded or otherwise.

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    The rule i was told was only point a gun at some one if you intend to shoot them.

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    I've just emailed and with the following:

    I know the show is meant to be light hearted and all in all you do a
    great job. Episode 111, 11th Jan 2012 4:50 in - two guys larking about
    pointing a rifle at each other.

    Sorry, really not good enough, we should ALL know that this is
    completely unacceptable practice and should not be what we are showing
    to the public out there.

    Maybe you think it's dull and boring etc, but we HAVE to uphold the
    highest standards of safety to ensure we keep our sport.

    Sorry to have a moan, but it is VERY important



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    just watched video. and i think that the camera on the scope is set at an angle slightly right of where the rifle is pointing but my initial reaction would be the same as everyone else so far. "though it may unloaded be never point a gun at me"

    ok i take it back just watched the rest on the nv bit and yes clearly pointing at the camera man. bolt is open but would make me a bit twitchy to say the least
    Last edited by pj1; 12-01-2012 at 10:05. Reason: just watched more

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    Just had this response from David

    "hi Adam

    thanks for the mail. you are absolutely right and we should have put a line in saying and showing the rifle to be safe...thanks for your support and please keep watching.

    best wishes


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