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Thread: Sauer S 202 accuracy? Calling all avid Sauer users please?????

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    Sauer S 202 accuracy? Calling all avid Sauer users please?????

    Hi All

    I'm really keen on purchasing a Sauer S 202 in 300 Win Mag. I live in South Africa and will be using it off the bench and sometimes in the field. I have never had experience with the Sauer rifles, or the S 202 and would like to find out from any one that owns one of these rifles (it doesn't specifically have to be a 300 Win Mag) what their experience in terms of accuracy of this rifle are? Do these rifles come out with some sort of sub .5 MOA at 100m garantee like some of the American rifles manufacturers do? I'm scouring the internet looking for what I can find interms of accuracy of these Sauer rifles but to be honest I can't find much.

    From my investigations my concern with this rifle is how the barrel is attached to the action with the 3 screws, this seems rather a petite assembly (please correct me if I am wrong)? How does this 3 screw system effect accuracy of the rifle, and will this action\barrel set up hold a stable point of impact for years to come?

    I'm more speciffically looking to purchase the Sauer Wolverine in .300 Win Mag with match barrel and trigger. So if anyone has that specific rifle I amd keen to hear your opinions in terms of rifle structure and the rifles accuracy?

    Thanks a million to anyone that can assist me.

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    Hello Clive,

    I have 2 Sauer 202's (Elegance), a 6.5x55 and a 30.06

    Both will shoot ragged one hole groups at 100yds if I do my bit! I find that both barrels are not fussy with regard to ammunition, and so far have performed well with all my home loads using various bullet weights and designs.

    Once you get the hang of changing barrels it can easily be done in couple of minutes (if you need to), although I would say the 202 is not strictly a true switch barrel rifle. As far as the barrel / action goes, this is not an issue as the bolt locks into the barrel. If you get a second or third barrel, check that the bolt can be used for the new calibre, if you have to buy new bolt it can get expensive, even more so when you add in swing off mounts and a scope for each calibre.

    The safety system takes a little getting used to after using other rifles, but is superb and totally silent.

    What will be guaranteed with Sauer is that you are buying a quality rifle.



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    Hi Tom

    Thank you for your response.

    Are you saying that if I reload, I should be able to get single hole clover leaf groups at 100m, sort of 10mm or less type groups at 100m? And that that accuracy should retain should I not change the barrel (I'm not intending to change the barrel)? My intention is to put a high end Night Force scope on it.

    Did your rifles come with any accuracy garantee, ie if it does not shoot under 1" or under .5" at 100m then they would fix it so that it does. I'm trying to determine what leg I have to stand on if the rifle doesnt perform. These are rather expensive rifles for my pocket so some sort of garantee on accuracy is preferable.

    Are you aware of any other European rifles that are varmint like with heavy barrel (bull) in .300 Win Mag that I should opt for over the Sauer? I own an FN .308 and a .270 Orbendorf, so hence I'm not keen on American rifle. I'm also not keen on a Tikka. And as the saying goes - "German engineering".

    Once again your assistance in this regard is greatly appreciatd.
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    hi clive

    I also shoot 6.5 55 and recently a 30.06, the sauer 202 is a nice rifle and i am sold on sauer's, now so much that i am in the process of changing my steyr in 223 for a sauer 202. As mentioned the 6.5 is not fussy on bullet weights or loads and will produce a ragged hole at 100m no problem. the rifle is a pleasure to shoot.

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    Last time I took mine to the range my best group was 1/2", the largest was 1 1/16". I'm not the best of shots, and a better bench technique may have provided more consistent resuts.
    I've had the rifle 15 years now and it's never missed a beat.
    As for the barrel attachment being "petite"; no chance. The bolt locks directly into the barrel and both components are well made. Because of the barrel locking directly to the barrel, it would make no difference if the receiver was made of jelly, it's main job is the hold the barrel rather than bearing pressure in the same way as a conventional, Mauser type receiver.
    The Sauer also has possibly THE smoothest action on the market.
    Yes, I like my 202.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    I have owned an out back in .270 for about 8 or 9 years it will hold around an inch at 100yds . I am happy with it although i would go for the steel action instead of ally if i was to purchase another. The safety is one of my favorite features it can stay on until you are about to pull the trigger then be manipulated silently with out changing your grip.

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    Hello Clive,

    I have only ever shot factory ammo. from my 6.5x55 and never in the 30.06, I used Norma 120grn BTips. and these were superb! I purchased my rifles secondhand, so no guarantees. I am not sure what Sauer offer with regard to accuracy for a new rifle, best speak to them direct. I know little about the .300Win Mag but believe it to be an accurate calibre, so if your reloading I can see no reason why you could not achieve very good results. I guess the only other(?) similar priced European rifle you could look at is Blaser, and I am led to believe that Sauer / Blaser barrels are made in the same factory!



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    hi i have just got a new sauer 202 in .308(birthday present from my good wife) im sure in the paper work it said the rifles accuracy are checked for 1.5cm, certainly on the range that seems true so far . i like the sauer so much i've just sold my sako 75 as i know it would just sit in the gun safe. sb

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    I've had a Sauer 202 Classic XT in 30-06 since June and it's shooting less than 1 inch groups from the box, I haven't had the chance to work on the best homeload yet but I'm confident I can make this group even smaller.

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    I have an outback in .243, superb rifle coupled with a Zeiss 8x56 scope, deadly accurate, very light to carry (All weather stock) I use Federal ammo, quality gear.
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