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Thread: What is the weight of a red deer brain?

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    What is the weight of a red deer brain?

    Hi, I was wondering what the average weight of a red deers brain is? I will be bran tanning some red deer hides but the carcasses were headless when they arrived at the local butcher. I know a roe deer brain averages between 3-4oz depending on size of the deer. Any help or input would be much appreciated guys
    kind regards
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    I'm sorry I don't know the answer, but I thank you for enriching my day with a question that epitomises the exceptional character of this forum!

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    Excellent question that cannot be answered in G Kenneth Whitehead's Deer Encyclopedia.

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    Buchan, not sure that's relevant. A cows head is much bigger in proportion to the size of the animal (although the brain size isn't necessarily linked to the head size)

    Having looked around on the net, a white tailed deer has an average brain size of about 230 grams, for an average body size of 52.3 kilo's. I'd say that's a better comparison than cattle. That gives a brain to BM of about .4%

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    If an average red hind is 4-5 times the weight of your average roe doe, and you are happy with your weight of a roe's brain (I have never felt the need to weigh one), then it should be easy to do the maths.


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