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Thread: Young `uns

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    Young `uns

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    Beautiful and much better looking than the young Budgies below !

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    Bugger me that fatty is too strong for the weakling when it comes to tucker time.Can you hand feed it?

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    Budgies lay on average 5 eggs, one every other day and start `sitting` when the first is laid so consequently there can be 10 days difference from first to last hatching.
    In a harsh natural environment sometimes with a shortage of food the smallest die. It is Mother Natures way to ensure survival of the fittest.
    In aviary conditions this should not happen and hand feeding is not required.
    I rung 92 young Budgies in 2011 and currently have some sitting on eggs . Serious breeding starts in March when conditions improve with most of my stock in flight cages with access to 9 foot aviaries.
    I produced some pretty yellow-faced albinos last year.


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    Hello Stag.
    If white with red eyes is albino and yellow with red eyes is lutino how can you have a yellow faced albino??
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Simple !
    Budgies are blue series or green series.
    Green is dominant to blue but a green bird can carry the recessive blue genes and therefore produce a percentage of blue offspring.
    A Lutino basically is a green series albino.
    `Yellow-face` is another genetic trait which can be added to the blue series birds and as a challenge I produced the yellow-faced albinos in 2011 .
    I also bred some nice dominant violet pieds with which I intend to combine the yellow-face mutations this season.
    I will take some pictures of the yellow-faced albinos and pop them on here. [ hopefully, as this new computer has a different system with which I am not yet fully compliant. ]


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    I finally managed to get this picture on and fortunately it shows what is required.
    Left is the yellow-faced albino with a normal albino on the right, I produced both last year and the parents are currently sitting on five eggs.
    The yellow-face mutation comes in two forms, Type 1 and Type 2 .
    Mine has the Type 2 which is richer in colour and also puts a yellow suffusion on the body of the bird.

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    great pictures there , my old man used to breed canaries when he was young and i have in the past had ...budgies,cockatiel's ,ringneck parakeets , African Grey Parrot

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    Aye, I have had them all at some-time or other since 1956.
    The green Indian ringnecks were the noisiest birds I ever had. I bred the common grey Cockatiels but today as with most aviary birds mutations have taken over and in some cases crossbreeding of species has taken place, Lovebirds in particular.
    [ Rather like the problems of Sika and Red-deer. ]
    Now that I have no driving licence my birds are a godsend as each day I have something to look forward to, eggs hatching, others laying and youngsters feathering up, plus also the challenge of combining different mutations on one bird.


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    1st from left, dominant normal green pied, 2nd, albino, 3rd, yellow-faced albino, 4th, dominant opaline blue pied. [ all cock birds. ]


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