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Thread: New Trade Member Scott Country International

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    New Trade Member Scott Country International

    Hello all,

    A friend and very good customer Colin Arthurs (ArthursC) recommended the forum to us, and as shooters and retailers we hope to bring lots of informative and helpful posts to the forum.

    We will shortly be a trade member too so look out for us in the Classifieds section as we have lots of Special Offers targetted for forums we are sponsors/members off and hope to offer you good deals on the kit you require.

    A little bit about us

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As many of you know, Scott Country evolved into “Scott Country International” on the 1st August 2009. This coincided with the closure of the high street retail side of the business which had been operating successfully since 2001.

    Phasing out the retail presence we had on the high street meant that all efforts could be focussed on the further development of our already successful online business. Indeed, it was the increasingly rapid growth of online sales which hastened the decision to become a purely online business. Although there is no longer a shop premises in which to browse, customers can still view and collect product items ordered online, over the phone or at our current location.

    Scott Country International also continues to be a registered firearms dealer with storage capacity for firearms held in safe custody or in transit from our current location on King Street in Castle Douglas.

    Not only were we able to retain our core target audience throughout the transition, we succeeded in broadening it vastly as well. The power of the internet has also allowed us to expand into the public sector with regular custom from various institutions such as UK police forces, Home office bodies, BBC television, Local Government, Environment agencies , Fire brigades, etc.. .

    The flexibility of online trading combined with our dedication to customer service and the continuous search for new and innovative product have enabled Scott Country International to keep pace in an ever changing market place.

    For example, Scott Country International’s emergence as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of night vision technology from Pulsar and Yukon, including the supply of nature camera equipment from Spypoint and Bushnell, can be used as a measure of the success which has resulted from the changes which took place two years ago.

    Scott Country was already supplying customers worldwide as far back as 2003 and this trend continued to increase steadily over the years. By the 1st August 2009 , international sales had accounted for 10% of our annual turnover prompting a subtle name change with the addition of the word “international”. Now in August 2011, the proportion of international sales as part of overall turnover has more than doubled as our level of business has continued to increase substantially year on year.

    Last year alone Scott Country International reached new customers in over 60 countries worldwide.

    Contact details including our existing address are to be found in our contact section.

    Scott Country International is unique in the South of Scotland, and the knowledgeable advice to be gained from the staff, as well as the friendly and courteous service, makes it more than worth a call to satisfy all requirements related to a wide range of country pursuits.

    We hope you visit us online at

    Thanks for reading

    Scott Country Sales Team

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    Welcome to the asylum bought a few items of clothing of you last year.

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    Welcome aboard!


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    Hello Paul, see you made it,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Gday from Australia Paul, it's great you're on here. Great Harkila stuff you've on sale too.

    All the best


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    Scott, how are you mate!

    I did see you had posted on here actually, and were very complimentary towards us, which is jolly decent of you.

    Hows the Harkila kit going?

    Good to hear from you, stay in touch!



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    Yep we are here John thanks.

    Your package left today Recorded Delivery, should arrive tommorow or Monday/Tues



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    Good to see Scott Country on here - hope it leads to good things for all

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    You got some quality gear love the bolt holder I brought and good service as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Country View Post
    Scott, how are you mate!

    I did see you had posted on here actually, and were very complimentary towards us, which is jolly decent of you.

    Hows the Harkila kit going?

    Good to hear from you, stay in touch!


    G'day Paul,

    All good with my Harkila gear. There's a couple of new items I've got my eye on but with the wife "in the family way" I've had the clamps put on the gun related spending. That'll pass though. Hope all's well.



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