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Thread: Stalking in yorkshire

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    Stalking in yorkshire

    Hello everyone, may I start by saying what a great website this is. I've only just come across it after reading sporting rifle, hopefully it will go from strength to strength - commendable effort by those behind the scenes.
    Anyway, i'd like to throw this one out there to anyone who can either help or finds themselves in the same situation. I returned home to Beverley in Yorkshire on sunday night after 2 stalks in Galloway. Approximately 8 hrs on the ground and I only managed to see a couple of crows, oh and some sheep!!! In the car my wife said to me "I don't know why you can't just catch some deer nearer home". After taking some deep breaths and counting to 10 I realised she had a point, but stalking in Yorkshire seems to be as easy to find as rocking horse s**t. Am i not looking hard enough or do i have to keep driving at least 4 hrs to try and "catch" some deer as my wife so aptly puts it??

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    good luck mate, I have a few small bits of land that were hard won.

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    stalking in yorkshire

    you have a PM

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    I don't think TonyC was talking to you bobt!

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    stalking in yorkshire

    I live just south of the river and have some stalking where i go out and catch roe deer sometimes. there are loads of roe on the north bank and stalking is there to be had. But it is dificult to find and may mean you having to form a pheasant syndicate on some land so that you can get the stalking on it for your self or something similar.

    Have you got any rough shooting that has some deer on it?


    (deer catcher)

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    Yeh i do have quite a bit of rough shooting, and one piece of land/woodland in particular in holderness is absolutely lifting with deer but unfortunately the land owner likes to see the deer and doesnt want them shooting, which is an opinion i've come across time and time again. also there aren't many parts of east yorkshire that don't have syndicate shooting on them which tends to mean any stalking is a closed shop!
    persistence is the key i reckon!!

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    yes it's a bit like that here in Lancs- i used to do a lot of foxing in the late eighties and it was rare to see a deer. Now i can see Roe at most tiomes of day. Stalking is hard to obtain howerever the bamby syndrome i call it.
    Look on the positive side stocks are building up- try offering your services for dealing with injured deer and the likes and you should be towards top of the list when the landowner accepts the fact that all animals without preditors need human control. Hey just like DEFRA have realised with Badgers. Had to finish one off for someone the other month that had it's back leg hanging off
    Personally i should say find better stalking up Scotland were you see deer not cows ! and consider staying longer - Two stalks for four hours each way and the fuel - not for me!

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    i admit going all that way for only two stalks was a bit extreme, but it was a last minute decision and there's a decent pub to stay at nearby! will try that tactic aswell with local landowners, and as you say deer numbers are rising and exploding in some areas, so the landowners will surely have to give in eventually.

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