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Thread: Robbo 25 - Introduction

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    Robbo 25 - Introduction

    Hello All,

    I've spent the past few weeks as a newbie memeber trawling the site without any formal introductions.

    My formal introduction is therefore well overdue..

    I took up stalking around 5 years ago within the Hampshire area after joining a local Pheasant Syndicate and getting the opportunity to use the land for some Roe stalking.

    I now have access to a few farms within Hampshire and spend most of my free time sitting up a high seat enjoying the peace and quite and waiting for the Deer to turn up.

    Around 4 years ago I started to attend the BASC Arran scheme on a yearly basis and no doubt a few memebers on the site will know me from late Hind weeks.

    My experience has grown over the past few years and with that my enjoyment in this fantastic way of life. I enjoy dinner with friends and eating the venison I've shot.

    Having been a military man of over 8 years and using numerous rifles I now own a .234 Sako 75 and .270 Sako 85 with sound mods which suit my local stalking and the trips to Scotland well.

    I'm just about to start my DSC2 and hope the trip to Scotland (Not Arran) this year will push me towards the next qualification. Once obtained I'll be looking to join a larger syndicate and assist in a perminant cull in Scotland.

    I look forward to meeting you all on the various pages of this site and meeting fellow stalkers from Hampshire and around the UK


    Robbo 25

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    Welcome to the directory Robbo.

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    Welcome aboard.

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