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Thread: .270 in general

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    .270 in general

    Hi ,I'm toying with the idea of buying a .270 as a deer rifle,I already have a .243 for deer and fox ,but have a hankering for a .270. I have got the go ahead from the FLO for a .270 variation(the largest cal my land is cleared for) so I was just wondering what are your veiws on this cal for all uk deer speices or would I be ok just sticking with the .243 or buying a .270 and using the .243 for roe and fox,any veiws on the .270 in general would be appreciated.
    Cheers Jase.

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    The .270 is an excellent cartridge but it's not the super cartridge that some claim. Unlike some I don't find it a brute to shoot, most of this rap for sharp heavy recoil comes methinks from poorly fitted rifles and stocks , but the reputation has stuck.

    A 150 grain bullet of good Sectional density travelling at 2900 fps is very good antidote for any deer IMHO.

    The 130's work fine as do to the 140's ....................................... yes I really like the 270 Winchester .

    Drawbacks is that is uses quite a bit of powder and in short barrels loses more velocity than some other cartridges and barks with short barrels.. you can rectify this a bit by hand loading and using faster powders than perhaps are traditional for the .270.

    Like the 25-06 the 270 IMHO works better in 22"+ length barrels. For instance to make my 20" barreled BSA CF2 more friendly at the muzzle I switched to loading it with Hodgdons H380 powder with drastically reduce the muzzle flash. Funnily enough the 22" barrel in the BSA Majestic Featherweight is much better behaved with the slow powders in the muzzle flash deapartment. I did not think that just 2" would make that much of a difference.

    Find a nice rifle chambered for the 270 Winchester cartridge that you feel comfortable with and which comes to the shoulder nicely and buy it then enjoy .

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    .270win is just about perfect a 130gr projectile at 3000ish fps and not much is getting up, the 130 is flat and fast enough for fox,but also stops big reds in their tracks, it would be the one rifle i would keep if all others had to go.

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    Yup - fab round as listed above - I use 130, 140 and 150gr for all deer in mine - funnily enough the 150gr feels a bit better even on the small deer as it is a little slower and I have a sense of less meat damage, even on muntjac - probably just me though!

    I also have some 95gr rounds which are fab for the foxes, so it's a really versatile rifle. Also bear in mind that with 270, there's nothing you can't shoot in the UK (270 being min recommended cal for boar etc and the FC preferred min cal for Commies north of the border). It sits very nicely alongside my 22.250, but is my favourite rifle - also a good foill for your 243 - I know several people with 243 and 270 - although like me you may choose a different cal as a second. As a single calibre, I rate it as one of the more flexible around (and yes, I'm biased!)
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    One advantage of coupling a 243 with a 270 is near identical drop when using a 100gn bullet in the 243 and 130gn in the 270. A 243 can use between a 55gn and a 100gn bullet while a 270 uses a 90gn to a 160gn bullet. With these two calibres you can cover pretty much all small and big game in Europe and northern America only if hunting bears would you need anything bigger.



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    I bought a beaten up old Howa 270 last fall and had no problem tacking tiny, tiny groups with the first load I tried. You'll like it. I likes mine so much, and it shot so well, that I gave it away...~Muir
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    Thanks for the info lads,variation gone in today just need to find a nice one now without breaking the bank or letting on to the wife


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    Another advantage of a 243 - 270 combo is that they both run most efficiently on the same powders, so that is another complication less to have to deal with.

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