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Thread: Pup wanted

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    Pup wanted

    Im looking for a hound pup to train as a deer dog.

    Either Bavarian, Hanoverian or a cross as ive seen elsewhere on the forum.

    Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction of a litter or a planned litter, im not in any rush and happy to wait for the right dog. Id much prefer to wait for a dog from a recommended mating than take my chances. willing to travel for the right dog

    Would be worked and kenneled with working gundogs.



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    One thing I would comment on if you are intending on keeping it in a kennel with other dogs is the dominance.

    My Hannoverian-Bavarian is very loyal to/protective of me to the extent that she barks at most strangers who approach me like she wants to kill them. Have taken her to puppy socialisation classes, and obedience training and she barked at every dog she met for the first couple of times she met them. She is now a year old and better, but still likes to make noise if she meets other dogs out walking.

    From a puppy she was kept with my bitch springer and she dominates the springer in most aspects (including trying to occasionally mount her!), but strangely with the food bowl the springer is dominant. They have never really fought, but do occasionally have scraps. That said they are kennelled together every day and sleep on my bed together every night!

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    my friend has a bavarian bitch just two years i called to his house to go stalking a few weeks back i brought my two year old wire hair pointer bitch ,first time they met ,the bavarian was trying to call the shots snarling and making shapes at my bitch . thats till the wire hair got pissed off and grabbed her by the neck and pinned her to the ground .top dog sorted

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