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Thread: can anyone help?

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    can anyone help?

    I have introduced myself in the introduction section, so wont drone on about my woes again! Can any kind soul spare me some Boar tusks/teeth so I can do some Scrimshaw? I need any Antler, Cow Horn, Rams horn tusk etc for my new hobby which my Doc advised me to take up before I go mad with boredom!
    thanks all

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    Have you tried to contact your nearest abattoir? They might be able to help.

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    none on the Island Geordie, and I have tried everywhere! letters, phonecalls, emails, and now Forums! oh well, you can but try as they say!

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    Hi Tank, there is a guy on Chase de Ark who does some very nice skrimshaw but for practice and 'proofs' he uses a softer material that can be sanded and reused, I'll do my best to get you the details but my French sucks so its not unusual to lose something in translation.

    By the way if you do go mad you will probably be in the majority.


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    I have some Warthog tusks if they are any good, P.M. me and I will send them by post.

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    PM me your ad, will send you a moose antler if its of any use....

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    I know a wild boar farmer by me, can ask him for you, will let you know if I get any luck, cheers Will

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