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Thread: Can you help?

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    Can you help?

    Hi all, I have posted this request on the Boar bit, and as I have told you about myself in the introduction bit, I am hoping trying on here instead may get a favourable response!
    OK to be blunt, I am on the scrounge for ANY Antler, Horn or Tusk that I can utilise in a new Hobby I have taken up on Doctors Orders.
    I am Skint as on benefits, but can pay postage!
    I am trying to do Scrimshaw, whittling/carving and stickmaking, but am struggling to get the raw materials!
    pm me if you can help!

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    will check what I've got laying around.

    no harm in asking, good on you hope other members with spare materials will chip in too.

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    Pm me your address I have possibly got an odd Warthog tusk or some antler and horn around. Am about to move so may have to wait as I am re setting up my taxidermy workshop in the near future.

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